After the introduction is over,Sun Yaru is also enthusiastic to invite everyone to eat together.。

And Yang Xiao smiled, while smiling and praised Sun Yaru.。 “Yaru Sister,Are you a girlfriend from Li??” “Forehead,It’s just,However, we should be a classmate relationship.,University classmate。” After all, Li Hui Feng introduced Han Shanshan.,High school classmates,She naturally doesn’t want to show weakness。 She now some understand why she is so active.,Li Hui has indifferent。 Because […]

And after flash,She also reached their ideal location。

She at this time,There is no obstacle between Dreuvi.。 then,After finally reached your own purpose,The pig girl is directly in his own steps.。 Sezu Ni next second,Their hand is waving again.。 then,Unborseful,Slowly condense above the body of Squaz。 And her long whip,It is the most violent place in the power of the winter.。 The power […]

“it is good,This note is!”

Immortal,Xian Tian is waiting for this program, etc.。 “Besides,I don’t want to play what to play.,He is ending!”Xianzhen Dragon is cold and refers to a corpse under the Shenling Tree.。 “True dragon brother,Why is this?”Xianxiong worldwide and Xian Tianchen, etc. Xian family, watching the fairy body, can’t help but hit。 This is also a fear […]

Just when Xia Jian was thinking about these messy things,Chen Xia has come over。Short hair,Looks neat。White shirt tied in blue jeans,Outside is a very stylish beige trench coat。The way she walks is really good。

“What are you stupid??”Chen Xia smiled slightly,So he sat opposite Xia Jian。 Xia Jian smiled and said:“More and more feminine” “is it?Listen to you,It’s really difficult。how about it?You look bad”Chen Lu asked the waiter。 Chen Xia ordered a bitter coffee for herself,Look relaxed,She is sitting in front of Xia Jian,I don’t have the same restraint […]


“If you don’t retreat at this moment,Don’t blame, I will retrieve your life.。” “Humph!Whoever takes the life, only the true chapter。” Lin loudly,Rainy days are not hurting,And someone is adequate,court death。 In this case,Then you are welcome.。 Slow down,A drop of rain drops from the roof,Immediately fierce,In an instant vitality,The wood products in the bedroom […]

Chapter 965 Machine godroom

Machine God organizes this side,I know that the equipment brought to the monsters is black.,And there is a connectionG5They were all made into scrap iron,The people in the organization are angry.。 They have worked with the monsters.,Although the result failed,But I have to say that it is quite happy before cooperation.。 So the machine god […]

“What did you say?”

“What’s the matter?Like mortal language,I didn’t understand……”I left the fire and made gestures with my hands,In fact, the body’s center of gravity is slowly sinking,He even the five law enforcement elders are extremely difficult,Work together to show the five elements,Even if he disappears instantly,The ability to shield the breath is also difficult to escape,So on […]

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