“What did you say?”

“What’s the matter?Like mortal language,I didn’t understand……”I left the fire and made gestures with my hands,In fact, the body’s center of gravity is slowly sinking,He even the five law enforcement elders are extremely difficult,Work together to show the five elements,Even if he disappears instantly,The ability to shield the breath is also difficult to escape,So on […]


Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Two Lost my love “Sorry,I don’t know this!”Huidai’s face is a little frightened。 “Zhao Pujun,We have no right to deal with the new god,Only the elders and leaders know。” I shook her hand and stroked it gently,Try to ease her emotions,Huidai told me how she went to the island,1983year,Japan’s economic […]

Ouyang was embarrassed by these words:”Tao Tao, don’t spit people!When did I go to see them take a bath!Guo Jinhai is peeking, OK?,I am afraid that they are in danger, so I lurked there to protect them!You also know that Guo Jinhai is not a good person!“

”You lied!Guo Jinhai was not there at all!Only you peeped at them!If it wasn’t for my diarrhea that day,I don’t know that your dead glasses are also a bleak blank!“Tao Tao sneered contemptuously。 I look at Ouyang who is embarrassed,I didn’t expect this guy to make up a lie to me,But what purpose does this […]

Struggling room,Hattori Heiji grabbed the clown’s chest,Because of too much force,Even directly dragged a red button off his body,

Button tearing inertia with force,The jumping room fell from the steps to the ground。 “Help!” In the last row of the bus,The young man next to Conan saw this situation,Immediately stood up and shouted,At the same time struggling to resist。 “do not move!be honest!” But Ryosuke is just an ordinary person,Ryosuke who just got up […]

I broke all the crabs,Then scoop all the crab roe into the vinegar dish。

”Wow,It’s so cool to eat like this!“ I like crabs,Later crabs were simply too expensive!Not willing to eat,I got rich later,Dare not eat more,Body can’t stand!Diarrhea!” “You girl,ate too much,Be careful of diarrhea!“ “Ha ha ha,Just enjoy it!“ I ate several horses in one breath,Had a big bowl of rice。 “I’m stuffed!“ “This girl, your […]

“Hey…Tang Zejun…Are you sure they are not children playing house?”Officer Mumu looked at the little ones all the way,Can’t help showing a black line。

“Don’t worry, Officer Megome,As long as the treasure map is real。” Tang Ze watched a few kids come to a burger restaurant,Take out the intercom channel:“All class personnel pay attention to the surrounding,Report。” “Aclass,No exception。” “Bclass,No exception。” “Cclass,Find the target!!Cclass,Find the target!!” Hear the words from the walkie-talkie,Officer Megome immediately looked for the target,Soon three […]

”Ha ha,Do not worry,If he doesn’t listen to education,I’ll just fix him,I know that guy’s temperament,It’s nothing more than a villain who is greedy for life and fear of death,If it doesn’t work,I can also ask some demigods to help,But the effect will be much worse。“Gangster touching his beard,Get into self-analysis。

In this case,Then I’ll wait for him to analyze it,I can’t get out anyway。So I started a boring life in detention,The boss told me to sit cross-legged and learn to talk,He also said that people who can’t breathe are not worthy of mastery,I had no choice but to play Five Hearts as he said,Slowly summarize […]

And wait until Monday to go to work…Ha ha,The case comes。

The body lying on the ground is a man in his thirties,Clothes don’t look good,And can see on both sides of the pants,There are several obvious cracks。 Tang Ze pulled the crack slightly and took a look,I found that although it is a bit winding,But the whole is still a straight line,It’s not so much […]

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