When returning to Hokkaido,Actually the season change has already begun,Otherwise, it is impossible for Tangze to bring Hokkaido crabs as a specialty。

After all, the well-known summer is the fishing holiday,Waiting for the late autumn female crabs to start plump,In winter, the male crabs are full and delicious after storing fat for the winter.。 finish breakfast,Holding a cup of hot coffee,Tang Ze started working。 But it’s work,In fact, when there is no case,Just deal with the accumulated […]

Laogui’s words have some truth,So i nodded:”What can you do to transform Wenru?“

A sly shimmer flashed in the eyes of the old turtle:”Actually the secret lies in the reagent!I listened to the researcher’s account,Once someone produces antibodies to the reagent,That person can bear the poison of the fruit,As long as you survive the toxic torture,That person must be qualified to transform into a demigod!And what the researcher […]

Ouyang is close behind us,Although holding a punch. Machine gun,But the bullet inside is out,He just bluffed and pulled the trigger,Boss with an open mouth,Tears keep streaming on my face,It’s so ugly when old people cry。

Although in the fierce fight,The old man didn’t give up his pleading for Zhang Sha:”Salsa,You are so cruel,Although Ouyang is older,But i treat you wholeheartedly,Do you have a good conscience for me like this??You want to kill us all, right??You don’t want your friends to know you like me?“ I didn’t expect the old man […]

And since then, the interest has not been very high,And also learned from the crowd that the other party was the introducer who introduced Mrs. Mitori here。

Even more mention of each other,Mrs. Katori’s expression became heavier。 Under these relationships,It’s natural to ask the other person,And now there are no other people on the side,I think I didn’t have a word in Mrs. Matsushita’s house before,I can also ask questions smoothly now。 Tang Ze ran out all the way to the fork,Soon […]

Two militants rushed up,Bound them quickly with a lashing tape。

A tall guy gestures,Other guys holding***The cat waist follows him,Step by step towards us,This is really the style played by special forces! I quickly retracted my head,Cold sweat came out all over,I really want to grab the vine and climb down,But if they find out,They will definitely find traces of Xiaolong and Su Mei,They will […]

Look up and see me,Guo Jinhai was also very surprised,That kid is actually wearing a purple costume,I guess it was badly exposed to the sun,His skin has also become pitch black,And there is a scar on his face,It is probably a memorial left by Mr. Monkey。

I noticed the guys in fancy clothes around him,They are strong and muscular,Among these people is Xiao Zhu,The eyes he looked at me were especially vicious,There was a tall and abrupt foreign man standing at the end,There seems to be a blade hidden in his deep blue eyes,Glanced at me coldly! I rub!Guo Jinhai has […]

If it’s okay,Isn’t it the same when we get together again for the New Year?

Unexpectedly, Xue Jue’s face showed a deep expression:“These are your old relatives,Although you are not very old now,But it’s still long enough for a couple of years at night。” “Those individuals want to see earlier,I don’t want to see the next generation of the four,A young man who was admitted to a scholar at this […]

Xiaolong was also shocked:”Then you mean there are LTTE people on this island?“

Tattooed male face nodding awe-inspiring:”I have to inform Tyrannosaurus of this situation sooner!It seems that there are other people on this island!“ Xiaolong thought silently,The tattooed man also looked at the dagger and did not speak,Look up at Xiaolong from time to time,Gloomy eyes。 The fire crackled,We lurked in the vegetation holding our breath,Don’t even […]

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