Chat room,The old store manager has already measured Tang Ze’s size,Then brought a pile of fabric,For Ayako and Tangze to choose the fabrics and colors used to make the suits。

Under Ayako’s recommendation,Tang Ze chose a black,I chose another black and gray,All fabrics are made with low-speed looms,Feels very good。 Although handmade custom suits are a bit expensive,But for Tang Ze“System copying”For those who raise him,This little money is nothing,Especially if you pay the royalties, you can get soft。 It will take some time to […]

“Indeed,Is a tricky opponent…”

———— First180chapter Undercurrent With the voice of gin falling,A female voice slowly entered the ears of the two people in the front seat from the back seat of the car。 “Sorry,Absinthe…” Gin dangling his cigarette and looking back slightly,“I specifically asked you to come and support that useless old thing,Made you get into trouble with […]

Struggling room,Hattori Heiji grabbed the clown’s chest,Because of too much force,Even directly dragged a red button off his body,

Button tearing inertia with force,The jumping room fell from the steps to the ground。 “Help!” In the last row of the bus,The young man next to Conan saw this situation,Immediately stood up and shouted,At the same time struggling to resist。 “do not move!be honest!” But Ryosuke is just an ordinary person,Ryosuke who just got up […]

”I do not know!“

Girl shook her head,She grabbed my hand suddenly,Sure eyes:”Mr. Zhao,You must remember what Huidai said!Be careful of the four gods!“ Finished saying this,The European girl hurriedly packed her food tray and walked out of the room,for safety,I dare not take out the bracelet to see。 I have to rescue my friends,Because time is running out,Tomorrow […]

Lu Xiong gets excited:“Yes indeed!There is indeed a treasure!But the treasure is left by my master,Nothing to do with Wang Jun,It has nothing to do with your patron saint!”

The old ghost quickly explained with a smile:“This is Master Lu, right?Don’t get excited,Listen to me first,The treasure must be yours,This thing is true,But I have an idea, please listen to it first,The treasure burial point is not far from the hidden area,Could it be that the place is on the border between the Xia […]

“Just!Master Ming, don’t you stand here well?!!”

“Master Ming,If you want to punish me for losing「Dugong Arrow」,Don’t have to say that!!” The three people sing and play together,The impression that giving everyone a fate is to avenge the three of them for other purposes,At the same time trying to pull the wind direction to one’s advantage。 “If you say so, there is […]

I broke all the crabs,Then scoop all the crab roe into the vinegar dish。

”Wow,It’s so cool to eat like this!“ I like crabs,Later crabs were simply too expensive!Not willing to eat,I got rich later,Dare not eat more,Body can’t stand!Diarrhea!” “You girl,ate too much,Be careful of diarrhea!“ “Ha ha ha,Just enjoy it!“ I ate several horses in one breath,Had a big bowl of rice。 “I’m stuffed!“ “This girl, your […]

Unexpectedly, his tone is very cold:”Who is the tree god to resurrect!You better not interfere,Lord Tree God’s temper is unstable,Your request will irritate him,that’s it,You go back and rest first,Since the demigod talks about loyalty like this,I think Lord Tree God will resurrect him。“

Elder’s answer is too perfunctory,I insist on seeing the tree god,Unexpectedly but angered the elders,His whole muscles are shaking,Those golden rings keep shaking:”No way!You can’t see him during this time!Now is his dormant period,No one can approach him!“ The elder not only trembles all over,Even the expression on the face is distorted,His change is really […]

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