As for escaping from prison,Since the prison was put into use,There is no one。

The Skynet of the prison seems to be defensive and one of the important reasons for the final death of entrepreneurs,Because of this tight defense,Make entrepreneurs have no heart。 Knowing that after probation,100% cannot be commuted。 Even if the sentence is commuted,Have to serve at least 20 years in prison,After serving the sentence and being […]

If there is dragon scale fruit,I can get in with the power of suspension,But to speed up the healing of Xiaolong and their wounds,The fruit has been used up,So the biggest obstacle this time is the grid。

I thought about this question repeatedly,But the final solution still falls on the skeleton,Maybe I can use the force of the skeleton to break through the grid,Of course this is just an idea,I still need to practice it myself。 Xiaolong, they sent me and Ouyang to the wooden stake gate and stopped,We hug each other […]

“Why are you kidding?Do you have meat?“

“Then you can tell me secretly,What’s the reason for me!“ “Ok,I am not a doctor,Did not check out the details。Go back and use your dad’s computer to check for polycystic ovarieszhz!“ “Oh,Ok!Down,Go to the toilet??“ ”Ok,it is good!“Just out of the classroom ”Xiaoxi!be careful!“Then I took a step back and hit a palm。 “Whoops!Xiaoxi, you […]


Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Two Lost my love “Sorry,I don’t know this!”Huidai’s face is a little frightened。 “Zhao Pujun,We have no right to deal with the new god,Only the elders and leaders know。” I shook her hand and stroked it gently,Try to ease her emotions,Huidai told me how she went to the island,1983year,Japan’s economic […]

“Yokan of Sugimotoya?”Mikako Sato saw the name of the Yokan Box in Takagi’s hands,Eyes light up,“I heard that the Yokan in this restaurant in Osaka is delicious。”

“Oh?Let’s try it now。”Tang Ze heard about food and famous specialties,And immediately became active,Put down the book and took a teacup,Pour black tea for the two,Put on the table。 “By the way, we were so leisurely in the morning,It’s really rare。”Takagi smiled while cutting the yokan:“I haven’t been in the office for a long time。” […]

I didn’t waste my usual,Love her。however,next moment,Sister’s words,Like a heavy hammer,Hit him hard。</P>

</P> Just listen to my sister Qiaoshengsheng:“Dad Huang,The apron you bring for cooking,where to put?I’ll bring it to Brother Su Luo,I am worried he will be burnt。”</P> </P> Looking at my sister’s real eyes,Huang Lei suddenly felt a little distressed,Then pointed a direction,The girl bounced away happily。</P> </P> Huang Lei is depressed,Almost vomiting blood。</P> </P> […]

”Strictly speaking,A god like you should be considered a second god!Your supernatural power can be regarded as an alien among the new gods,Generally, the new god has only one divine power attribute,And even if there is a kind of divine power, you have to strengthen your cultivation base to evolve into a full divine.,You guy is the peak at the start!Can actually get two divine blessings,It’s really a blessing!“

Seeing the big guy is overwhelmed and ecstatic,I am also infected,I can’t help but ask:”Then you mean I should be happy now?“ ”Of course!You don’t just have to be happy now,We have to sing!There are more than thousands of demigods transformed by the old man,But I’m the first to meet a demigod like you!I am […]

Chapter One Hundred and Forty One Su Mei is missing

Three days passed quickly,Because the road is clear,The migration plan went well,The newly appointed leader of Lu Xiong is also very reliable,The news sent by someone also gives us peace of mind。 Next,The plan to enter the inner island is officially launched。 Because the road ends in the abandoned area,So we have to walk in,Wenru’s […]


First215chapter Study out England,This is the main body of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland。 So in general“United Kingdom”This word,This is what it represents。 And here,It’s where Tang Ze was sent to study。 Because of the recent cases,Tang Ze’s resume was quickly covered with outstanding records。 So this time it was supposed […]

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