The tree god was a little angry:“Fuck you!I will tell you the result now,This kid is innocent,He definitely will not blaspheme the sacred tree,You should rest assured now?Hurry back and tell you the masochistic master!Just tell him what I said!”

The old turtle nodded after hearing this,And then retired respectfully,He yelled when he walked outside:“Demigod,I’m waiting for you outside。” I don’t know why the tree god left me alone,Looking at the person above his head with a pale face, his mouth and eyes tightly closed,It’s hard to believe that he said these words in the […]

Ouyang was embarrassed by these words:”Tao Tao, don’t spit people!When did I go to see them take a bath!Guo Jinhai is peeking, OK?,I am afraid that they are in danger, so I lurked there to protect them!You also know that Guo Jinhai is not a good person!“

”You lied!Guo Jinhai was not there at all!Only you peeped at them!If it wasn’t for my diarrhea that day,I don’t know that your dead glasses are also a bleak blank!“Tao Tao sneered contemptuously。 I look at Ouyang who is embarrassed,I didn’t expect this guy to make up a lie to me,But what purpose does this […]


Huang Lei took a sip of tea,Tao:“What idea,you。”</P> </P> Peng Yu sang will holdhLifted up,Tao:“Teacher Huang,If there are any guests from now on,Willing to take them in,Just let him take it away。”</P> </P> Teacher He’s eyes lit up,Tao:“Peng Peng’s idea is good。”</P> </P> Huang Lei looked at Sand Wing beside her,Tao:“Old sand,Are you interested in […]

Not long after arriving,The garden manager sent ritual supplies,Of course I set up a hotel here,Can handle funeral,You can also solve the lunch and breakfast problem when sweeping the grave,Special ritual supplies and food are also provided。Of course the cost is not low。The staff handles everything and leaves,Only my granddaughter and I are left,We finished incense and paper money one by one,I shed tears at my parents’ tombstone。

“Parents,Are you guys OK?Are you still in that world?He has been reincarnated?I miss you so much,Can i see you after i die?”Sad looking at me crying,Granddaughter kept tears silently。I finished talking in front of the graves of my parents and the old man,The granddaughter just called to say that the sanitation at home was cleaned […]

The thought of her going back to Guo Jinhai,I don’t feel like it in my heart,Watching her sitting cross-legged under a giant tree, using fine vines to help me mow my pants,Her graceful back and beautiful black hair are very gentle,I have a gentle touch in my heart,The picture in front of me is really warm and beautiful,I really want time to freeze at this moment,Let happiness stand still。

While she sews the gap,I opened the broadleaf bag she sent,There is wild boar and snake meat inside,These meats are rubbed with coarse salt,And cut it squarely with a knife,Can be saved for a period of time,Thinking of Monkey King, I want to eat barbecue,So I set up a branch and prepared to roast it,After […]


“Hey,Did you just see it?Who was that woman just now!What are you wearing?!Why talk to Yan Haidong!“ “Yes indeed,Yes indeed!“ “It’s the first time I saw Yan Haidong talking to a woman!“ “Just gossip!Who is that girl just now?!Looks pretty“ ”Where is it good?,You are blind“ ”what~~~~~~Our school grass doesn’t belong to us, right?!“ ”You […]

I actually snickered when thinking of this,And then turned over to sleep,It started to rain again outside the window,Raindrops are scattered among the flowers and leaves on the balcony,I feel like I am one with this dreamlike world。

Around midnight,Huidai wake me up,Open my sleepy eyes,Then he quickly changed into the clothes that Huidai handed over,This time she told me to wear that kind of military boots,The clothes are also waterproof black jackets,Looks rather fashionable。 Besides,Huidai actually brought the previous bag,That bag is full of the baby I need,Including the long pipe revolver.gun,hand.mine,Rush.Machine […]

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