Zhu Hui swayed and stood up again,Looks like I want to sit here again。Xia Jian looked anxious,He picked up the glass and said:“Mr. Zhu!Finish this cup,Let’s go away,I’ll talk about it another day”

Xia Jian said,Shot glass,Without waiting for Zhu Hui to speak,Drink it all。Two people and two bottles of liquor,Indeed a little too much,This glass of wine,Xia Jian only felt hot in his stomach,A hot air pressure can’t hold it down。 “President Xia!Don’t hurry,Sober up with a glass of water, not too late,I have two more words […]

“Is not,I’m back home,Lost your phone if you lose it,I didn’t want to contact anyone at that time,Stayed at home for more than a month,I just came back,My eldest brother-in-law bought this phone when I left。”

“Gosh,You are truly legendary,Fortunately, I met someone who was timid and unwilling to kill,Otherwise, you and the child are gone!”Zhang Siwei was scared enough,Pale face,Turn around and give Xia Shuyue an affectionate hug。 “Who kidnapped me,All thought I was dead,Except for the one who let me go,Otherwise I’m afraid I won’t live today。”There were tears […]

“How do you want?”Spring said with his eyes。

He can’t use this kind of moving in this case.,This move is very powerful,But it’s hard to hit enemies,And don’t hurt me。 This move,Just to threaten the long door。 The long door also knows that he can’t catch the spring.,Once the springs escape,He destroyed the wooden leaves,That is after suffering。 They don’t know when the […]

“It’s Hexiangui,Zhu Minglang, please go to Mianshan Jianzong as soon as possible,Please head out of the mountain,We saw……We saw the mountain fairy,It destroyed Guangshan Zizonglin。”Bai Qin’an seems to have resigned。

“Your situation is not good now!”I wish Minglang a close to the river,The river is like a grumpy dragon,Furiously twisting his body。 “We can’t live,I’m afraid you are not the opponent of this Hexiangui,Don’t waste our lives for us,”Bai Qin’an said。 “Senior White is so humorous,Just this little spirit,I wish Minglang clean it up as […]

“What did you say?”

“What’s the matter?Like mortal language,I didn’t understand……”I left the fire and made gestures with my hands,In fact, the body’s center of gravity is slowly sinking,He even the five law enforcement elders are extremely difficult,Work together to show the five elements,Even if he disappears instantly,The ability to shield the breath is also difficult to escape,So on […]

Wang Youcai got up early this day,Because he received a call from Feng Yan at night,Hu Huiru is coming to check the work。Boss is coming,He dare not care。

Early in the morning,He and Liu Ying cleaned the entire yard。And every office,No matter what you started using,Still reserved,Wang Youcai asked Liu Ying to scrub again。 Even the toilet,Under the supervision of Wang Youcai, Liu Ying was washed at least five times.。He also ingeniously let Liu Ying spray inferior perfume into it。 Everything is ready,Wang […]

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