This is like a sword light like a Galaxy waterfall directly in the air.,It’s like a sword to fall from the sky.。

Changing。 This sword is smashed into a black aperture。 “boom!” Black diaphragm has skyrocket。 “Clang!” The unsuccessful sword light and this black aperture have burst into violent impact,A violent power hits the impact to four sides,This slamming is for a mess。 Be awkward! The black aperture was broken。 NS1156chapter Propose marriage “Overbearing sword,Don’t be a […]

“Go! Go! Go!Don’t mention this later,Otherwise i won’t care about you again。I am leaving!”He Jing said,Turn around and leave。

Monkey Lu was anxious,He rushed over with a limping leg,He grabbed He Jing,Hippie smiley said:“Leave a call!I’ll see you when I have time” He Jing hesitated,But he left his phone number to Monkey Lu。 He Jing returned to the clinic,Doctor Lu is back,He is giving the patient’s pulse。Wait until he finishes seeing the patient,He Jing […]

After the introduction is over,Sun Yaru is also enthusiastic to invite everyone to eat together.。

And Yang Xiao smiled, while smiling and praised Sun Yaru.。 “Yaru Sister,Are you a girlfriend from Li??” “Forehead,It’s just,However, we should be a classmate relationship.,University classmate。” After all, Li Hui Feng introduced Han Shanshan.,High school classmates,She naturally doesn’t want to show weakness。 She now some understand why she is so active.,Li Hui has indifferent。 Because […]

“Isn’t it still not enough?,This money first borrowed brother,Waiting for your money,Your tuition is full of brothers.,It is certain that the wind is light to let you go to college。”

Wang traffic explanation,Look at Wang Fang and want to open,Directly:“okay,I still have time.,No work is explained more than you.,Don’t tell my parents, don’t tell my parents.,After waiting in a few days, I will double the money.。” I said that I raised my family.。 “elder brother、elder brother……”Wang Fang was hurried to chase out,The king has already […]

Wang Youcai’s 180-degree transformation made several aunts extremely happy,But Aunt Wang seemed to remember something,She frowned and didn’t speak。But when Wang Youcai drove his broken jeep out of the compound,Aunt Wang got into the passenger cabin first。

People are good face,This Aunt Wang is even more。His husband is the head of dozens of households in Chenzhuang,She, the wife of the village chief, also has a lot of face in front of everyone。Like knocking on the door and calling for a car today,Although a bit twists and turns,But in the end Wang Youcai […]

This is of course,But just at this time,I suddenly heard a sound outside。

“Starlight entertainment,Hurrup people。” “if not,Don’t blame me, you are welcome.。” With this sound,A time between,It is even more curious about the face of those people around.。 Say here,what is the problem? Those people around them are curious,Look at the eyes。 Xia Pingan,It is a slight frowning。 “go,Look out。” Such a thing,But a good time that […]

And after flash,She also reached their ideal location。

She at this time,There is no obstacle between Dreuvi.。 then,After finally reached your own purpose,The pig girl is directly in his own steps.。 Sezu Ni next second,Their hand is waving again.。 then,Unborseful,Slowly condense above the body of Squaz。 And her long whip,It is the most violent place in the power of the winter.。 The power […]

“What is this,Open it for me quickly,otherwise。。Hum”

Fuming with a heavy threat,The guard’s palm clenched,The companion on the side held him。 “Hehe,Master Wang,You please” Another guard hurriedly opened the gate,Bow the waist and raise the hand falsely,Fuming snorted,Only then walked out of the city gate。 “I say you are stupid,Can we afford this royal family in this parkway city?!If he wants us […]

Because she is unskilled by her business, And the tension in your heart,How much is a little force,So the volume is not controlled when the speech,In the end, a few words are sessions.,The empty bamboo forest ring is ringing——

“Fate!” “Divide!” “Woolen cloth!” Advisory:“……” Branch:“……” How can things like this?? 枝 欲 欲 无 无 地 地:Isn’t I said that there is no sentence to make this man feel the hot feelings?? Although she did not have related experiences, But also know,love, Shouldn’t touch it with embarrassment?! If the consultant is taken at this […]

“it is good,This note is!”

Immortal,Xian Tian is waiting for this program, etc.。 “Besides,I don’t want to play what to play.,He is ending!”Xianzhen Dragon is cold and refers to a corpse under the Shenling Tree.。 “True dragon brother,Why is this?”Xianxiong worldwide and Xian Tianchen, etc. Xian family, watching the fairy body, can’t help but hit。 This is also a fear […]

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