For more convenient life,A large number of gas such as carbon dioxide makes this planet gradually sick。

finally,The so-called world will,That is, the so-called“God”can not watch anymore。 I saw him overlooking the ground from high altitude.,Subsequently shot a golden light,All humans on the planet disappeared。 Land began to recover,The ocean began to re-pregnant life,The sky has also restored the color of the past,Everything is like prescribe the back key,The world began to […]

“no need,Mayor Tong told me what happened yesterday。I don’t know anything about it,I don’t want to bother,Right did not happen”Xia Jian said to Secretary Lu decisively。

Secretary Lu was taken aback,Laughed immediately:“Ok!Don’t you know this。If there is any problem in the future,I am responsible for” Secretary Lu’s words have not yet fallen,I saw Wei Xiaoming ran in in a panic and said:“Oh no!People from the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection are here,Said I was looking for Mayor Xia to talk to” […]


What stimulates?” Zhao Xiaoli shakes the brain,She feels that the medicine is very big before Liu Dafu.。 “Hey-hey,How to bundle game? like or not? I tied you,Then”Zhang Erzhuang also did not expect to be drunk Zhao Xiaoli so cooperated.。 Don’t need him with strong。 Li Hui’s voice was also heard of Zhang Erzhuang’s voice.。 When […]

I have passed by it.。”

I immediately said my position directly.。 No five minutes,Ding Road is a wind and fire.。 The attitude of the Ding Road is very respectful to Li Dequan from the cloud gate from the cloud.,Then I invite Li to go to the bus with the wind.。 So respecting Di Road,Li Dequan didn’t feel anything with Lin […]

Zhu Xinli sorrows,Oh, laugh and fix it.:“Row,Then I have a few ways.,I haven’t eaten Lu cuisine for a while.,Just like the total light of King today,Tasting the taste of our hometown。

But Identification, I am afraid I don’t want to be my heart.,咱 咱 食 食 家,Cuisine can distinguish two,So eaten or not eaten,If you are fine, you don’t understand.。” “fine,There are two two.。”Wang traffic laughs and hand menu。 Zhu Xinshu,Look for a while,Have a few dishes。 At the end, the king was completed and completed […]

The speed of falling finally slowed down,His body is suspended in a wonderful space,The surroundings are extremely white,But the strange thing is that it is not glaring。

“You came。”A soft male voice rang,The tone is as kind as meeting old acquaintances,Li Tianzhi looked around,But can’t find the source of the sound。 “who are you?where is this place?” “I am you,You are me。” “Are you trying to prevaricate me??” “I never say prevarication。” Li Tianzhi,But I can’t remember when there will be such […]

but,They also know,Shen Xuan is absolutely impossible to do this.。

At this moment,Shen Xuan turned and looked at Li Hao in front of him.。 “Little Lee,You feel,Can I do it??” Shen Xuan’s words,Let Li Hao finish a wrinkle。 Can Shen Xuan do,What is the relationship with him?? But now,Since Shen Xuan has asked,So Li Hao does not say anything.,Isn’t it equal to weak?? So I […]

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