Xing’an League has made high-end dairy production bases

  The excavator slowly moved the arm, and the transportation vehicle returned to shuttle. The head of the hard hat was worried, and various large machinery made a burst of roar … On August 8th, Inner Mongolia, Xing’an Ili, in the Xing’an League Dairy Co., Ltd. The liquid milk industry "5G Industrial Internet Platform" applied intelligent […]

Xinhua Insurance Guangxi Branch launched Xinhua Running and National Insurance Publicity Day

The event site. Xinhua Insurance Guangxi Branch is for map to actively respond to the national "healthy China 2030" call, propaganda insurance concept, and further develop a large national fitness activity created by the great enthusiasm, July 8, Xinhua Insurance Guangxi Branch in Nanning Xiushan launched Xinhua Running and the National Insurance Public Propaganda Day […]

Xi’an put into the first batch of "sponge parking space"

Original title: Xi’an put into the first batch of "sponge parking space" this newspaper (Reporter Li Ni) Recently, Xi’an Traffic Police Yanta Brigade is a community that has a large contradiction between parking spaces, and the pilot has been investing in the first batch of 300 "sponge parking spaces. ", Is praised by community residents. […]

Xinjiang Kui City held a 2021 decommissioned military special job fair

In order to do a good job in retired military employment services, we will further broaden the employment channels of retired soldiers to meet the needs of enterprises and retirement soldiers, and build the bridge between supply and demand. On September 10, Xinjiang Kui City Retired Military Affairs Bureau held a special job meeting in […]

Youth Volunteers enter the community to send services

Core Tip: At 12 o’clock in the 16th, the 23-year-old Youth Volunteer Shen Ting launched a family anti-scalding and electricity safety knowledge lecture. Xinjiang Net News (Reporter Liang Shufang) At 12 o’clock on the 16th, in the new community resident room in Midong District, the 23-year-old Youth Volunteers Shen Ting launched a family anti-scalding and […]

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