Wenzhou Ouhai District "Welcome National Day" 10 billion projects have been completed

  It is reported that the project in this focus is 16, with a total investment of 100 million yuan, mainly covering the four categories of transportation water conservancy, urban infrastructure, social undertakings, major industries. The construction of this project has blew the impact of major projects "100-day attack" action, and it is also for the […]

Ningxia launched the first batch of autonomous regional tourism leisure blocks, these five blocks on the list!

People’s Network Yinchuan November 16th (Mu Gui Tiger) "After the epidemics, let’s go on the tour bus, please go shopping together, go to the card together." Recently, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region launched a tourist leisure block selection work, All counties (cities, districts) declaration, five cities recommend, expert review, autonomous region Culture and Tourism Hall, Autonomous […]

The Supreme Law Releases the Typical Case of False Litigation in 5 years to cause the victim’s economic loss than 10 million yuan

  In order to further increase the rectification of false litigation, purify the litigation environment, improve judicial credibility, promote the construction of social integrity system, and the Supreme People’s Court recently issued 10 national rectification of false litigation typical cases. Zhu Xuelin, which is awarded by the President of the Supreme People’s Court, and the Temperators […]

Yanqing: Development specialty industrial village increases green farmers’ income

Original title: Development special industry village, greenery, greenery, rural rescue, beautiful Beijing, Beijing, Winter Olympics, the World Orance, the construction of beautiful rural, promoting farmers’ income. On June 4th, the deputy secretary of the Yanqing District Committee, the district of the Boker, Beijing Radio and Television, "Rural Zhenxing District, Talk", talked, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics […]

Нато сохраняет бдительность в связи со значительной концентрацией российских войск у границы с украиной – генсек

Брюссель, 16ноября / Синьхуа / – НАТОсохраняетбдительностьвсвязиснедавнейзначительнойконцентрациейроссийскихвойскуукраинскойграницы.ОбэтомзаявилвпонедельникгенеральныйсекретарьальянсаЙенсСтолтенбергнавстречесминистроминостранныхделУкраиныДмитриемКулебой.Поегословам, НАТОвнимательноследитзаразвитиемситуацииипродолжитконсультациимеждучленамиорганизации, атакжеспартнерамипосотрудничеству, включаяУкраинуиЕвропейскийсоюз.Генсекподчеркнул, что "НАТОстоитнасторонеУкраины" .Североатлантическийальянсисоюзникипродолжатоказыватьстранеполитическуюипрактическуюподдержкудляукрепленияеепотенциала, втомчислевсфереподготовкивооруженныхсил, добавилон.Й.Столтенбергзаявил, чтовоенноеприсутствиеНАТОвЧерноморскомрегионеистранахБалтииноситоборонныйхарактеринеугрожаетРоссии.Поегословам, проведениеальянсомтесныхконсультацийсУкраинойчастичнонаправленонапредотвращениеэскалацииситуациинагранице.ГенсекпризвалРФразрядитьнапряженнуюобстановку ..

Promoting an Anhui digital economic health development focuses on preventing control of local government debt risks

The eighth meeting of the Provincial Party Committee, earnestly study and implement the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Political Bureau’s thirty-fourth collective study. Zheng Gangjie hosted the meeting and speech Wang Qingxian Cheng Lihua attended the afternoon of November 5, the Provincial Party Secretary Zheng Gangjie, director of the Provincial […]

The sun palace has changed, just like standing in the center of the world!

Although the Hongkou traffic police have developed a detailed response program, and when there is a large passenger flow, the post, add police force to perform peripheral diversion and on-site counseling, but temporary measures are not long-lasting. Hongkou traffic police immediately launched the investigation, found that the contradiction point is mainly in that vehicles to […]

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