Just when Xia Jian was thinking about these messy things,Chen Xia has come over。Short hair,Looks neat。White shirt tied in blue jeans,Outside is a very stylish beige trench coat。The way she walks is really good。

“What are you stupid??”Chen Xia smiled slightly,So he sat opposite Xia Jian。 Xia Jian smiled and said:“More and more feminine” “is it?Listen to you,It’s really difficult。how about it?You look bad”Chen Lu asked the waiter。 Chen Xia ordered a bitter coffee for herself,Look relaxed,She is sitting in front of Xia Jian,I don’t have the same restraint […]

Forgiveness,This is a little fake,Various nobles,One listening is to push the words。

Tongong Yale does not speak,Liao Wenjie does not speak,believe it or not,He is unparalleled.。 Just when the two people are silent,Living room wooden door ringing,A man holding a cane pushed into the door。 Monk,Left hand sleeve is empty,Obviously it is a middle-aged person,Dying,Heads have some spending white。 谏 山 奈 落。 Tujia home,The contemporary home […]


“If you don’t retreat at this moment,Don’t blame, I will retrieve your life.。” “Humph!Whoever takes the life, only the true chapter。” Lin loudly,Rainy days are not hurting,And someone is adequate,court death。 In this case,Then you are welcome.。 Slow down,A drop of rain drops from the roof,Immediately fierce,In an instant vitality,The wood products in the bedroom […]

Two explanations on the stage,Obviously it is very unexpected,Looking at the dream of squirting in the spring water center,The two can’t help but laugh at the same time.。

“This kind of killing method,Hahaha,Zhao Yi players are very unlucky.。” The laughter of the doll does not cover up,Such interesting pictures is really rare in the professional stadium.。 “Yes,Feel the next few weeks,Zhao Yi players will become the frequencies on the highlights.。” Miller wants to live their own smile,But the mouth is still can’t control.。 […]

“President Xia is a young talent in business,Be vigorous and vigorous,Ok!Since you came with sincerity,I, He Wei, will give you a bottom,I have planted more than 40 million in this land,So add other fees and bank interest,Not fifty million,Let’s not talk about it“He Wei said,Looked at the door outside the window。

At this moment,Shouting at the gate,Wave over wave,Through glass,All a bit deafening。The office door was pushed open,A woman with glasses came in,She said to He Wei:“Mr. He,City Labor Bureau called,Let you go quickly,This is the fifth call,and so…“ “Got it,Go ahead!“He Wei interrupted which woman very impatiently。 Xia Jian saw that the time was about,Said […]

New employees don’t understand what they don’t understand,Also started to follow,All of a sudden I saw people in black uniforms running away,The scene is like making a movie。

“Don’t froze,Run!”A big tall guy grabbed Li Tianchou。Li Tianchou has a look,The big guy is familiar,Is a new colleague,Just never said something,I seem to remember to call Luo Jun when calling。Mind wavering,I couldn’t help but ran along。 Sirens,Stimulating everyone’s extra effort to run。Many people are panicking,I can run in any direction,But the black suits that […]

Xiao Wei is obviously not looking for Chen Wei to seek help。

so,North Zhou Emperor Yu,Is the only help object。And according to Zhou Guo’s strategic needs,They should be very willing to use Xiao Yu to do Zhang., Do not say,At least this relationship,It’s better to stay in Yucheng slowly.。Don’t say Xiao Wei.,Even Xiao Yu,It’s very clear。 “Greater host,But what is the condition??” Xiao Yu asked,With his father’s“Noodle […]

“Since this is said,Then I feel this time.,We should be able to go out.。”

“so,Everyone is ready to prepare,Let’s take it directly。” Shen Xuan put his hand,In front of you,The clouds are light and light.。 And Shen Xuan’s side,Warrior of other war temple,All the things are exported。 Especially in Shen Xuan’s words,What is even more, the more I feel that I feel excited?。 Since now,It has become this,So what […]

Cold,Deep marrow。

Monkey lows the head,Shiver。 How much is the colorful fox?。 The sound of the empty voice came from all directions,Direct to the brain。 “What is the purpose??” “It seems to be for the dragon corpse。” The temperature in the temple suddenly fell a few degrees,Second monster。 “knew。You are staring at it at any time.。” Monkey: […]

Sitting for three days,Three Tail You Feng put the detailed combat plan and the operational task of the division,And the core objective of this operation,At the Xun Sail, the division began to deploy according to the operation plan.。

Chongqing Songshan Military Bureau “boss,What is the chairman??” “I have agreed that I will agree.!Before Xiajiu helped him,This time he doesn’t help me.。”Talk statement, “It is a big loss to a little devil.,How to do Xiaojiu?” “You don’t have to worry about this.,Xiaojiu certainly has a way。”Wearing it is also rumored to let him see […]

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