Tang Ze and Takagi left next to the body,Put“battlefield”First left to the forensics staff responsible for intelligence collection。

The space next to the corpse is so big,It will take some time to collect evidence in the forensic course,Tang Ze thinks it’s better not to stand in the way。
And soon,Tang Ze noticed the wall next to the sofa,Hanging display items。
On the coat rack on the far right,No hanging clothes,But put a few blue hats。
Tang Ze took it down and took a look,I found the logo on the hat very familiar,I thought about it again and found that it was the uniform of the railway bureau staff。
And there are various items of the railway bureau on the side,There are also some railway station signs and other things on the ground,There is also a display board hanging on its wall。
But there seems to be a rectangular brand missing from the top,Because you can see the hooks on the four corners of the display board,But there are no hanging items on it。
And that piece is significantly cleaner than the surrounding area,Its shape is exactly a rectangle。
And on the far left wall,It is a small square display board with a horizontal bar attached to the top,Four ties of various colors hung above it。
But Tang Ze found,These four ties are a little tight,There is an obvious blank space on the right,It seems that one of the ties is missing,It seems to be taken away by the owner and used。
On the desktop below it,Still placed“Train conductor”Dark red armband。
Regardless of the armband、Hat or tie,All show that these items are items on the railway。
It looks like the husband should be a railway lover,Or a railroad fan can’t be overstated,After all, the other party deliberately used a wall to display the collected things。
After looking at these,Tang Ze noticed the coffee table in front of the sofa where the body was walking,Toilet paper scattered randomly,It seems to be used,Did not throw it in the trash,Instead, just throw it on the table,It looks like the deceased is also a sloppy guy。
And on the side,There is also a white mask,Tang Ze picked up his mask and looked at it,I found that although it is not easy to detect,But there is a small ball of very fine hair stuck on the mask。

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