Laogui’s words have some truth,So i nodded:”What can you do to transform Wenru?“

A sly shimmer flashed in the eyes of the old turtle:”Actually the secret lies in the reagent!I listened to the researcher’s account,Once someone produces antibodies to the reagent,That person can bear the poison of the fruit,As long as you survive the toxic torture,That person must be qualified to transform into a demigod!And what the researcher is going to bring into the inner island is the newly developed reagent,Ten times more sensitive than before!It’s also funny,That guy also wants to transform himself,But he has no fruit to experiment。“
I didn’t expect this old tortoise to give me a back hand!Maybe there are still many secrets he didn’t tell me,Wen Ru got excited when he heard this:”Then you quickly give me the reagent and fruit,I promise that the accident has nothing to do with you。“
The old turtle looked up at me,Eyes full of inquiry,I don’t want Wenru to take risks,So I shook my head and refused:”This won’t work!I can’t make fun of his life!“
Wen Ru trembles with anger:”Brother Zhao, what do you mean?Are you afraid that I will steal your limelight?Okay,I’m not going with you anymore?My Wei Wenru can show you now,I have nothing to do with you in the future,We have nothing to do with each other,From today on you are you and me!“
I was irritated by Wen Ru’s words like falling into the ice cellar,Unexpectedly, this guy doesn’t want brotherhood in order to transform!I thought we could overcome the difficulties together,Unexpectedly, a little test would tear this perfect skin!
Maybe Wenru is jealous of my supernatural power,Or like the happy life of this sacred tree,Or maybe he was under too much mental pressure after leaving Ziqi,Plus the psychological fluctuations after witnessing my transformation,Add it all up,So it caused his current collapse。
I thought a lot in a short moment,So I sighed to him:”brothers,I didn’t mean to make things difficult for you,Transforming a demigod comes at a price!I’m afraid you can’t afford it。“
Wen Ru was so excited that he patted the table:”You Zhao Pu can give me the same!Look at me and you go to the island to go through so many fights,I’m still alive?“
Since Wen Ruming is stubborn,I can’t stop him anymore,Maybe repeated persuasion will make him doubt,So I expressed my attitude to him:‘Wenru,I don’t care if you want to die,I hope you think carefully,No matter what you transform into unsuccessful,Fengshen will only bring you troubles!”
“fart!Conferred will be troublesome?It’s the first time i heard!”A sound of verbal abuse echoed all over the air!
A buzzing sound,The elevator rises again,The one standing above is amazingly Saturday,That guy is recovering well,The whole body has strong muscles like a knotted tree root,Especially the blue dragon on the chest and back is still evil and vivid,But there is still a bruise on the neck。
I rub!This guy actually came up?Does this sacred tree allow demigods to go up and down freely??Why can’t i?
“Why are you here?I haven’t beaten enough yet?”
I don’t want to be polite to this guy,Facing this tall and strong guy proudly,Look at him contemptuously and provocatively。

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