“some,Half closed。“

“go,On the roof。“The dean also seems to understand what I want to say to him,Didn’t ask much,Take me to the rooftop。
I looked around,No one,Walk into the open。
”Dean,I’m not talking about you,You still take bribes!Is good,This trend is popular in this period,But you want to be refreshed?Still have to be safe for a lifetime?Maybe you won’t check corruption until you retire,You also think you are a teacher,It doesn’t matter whether you are greedy or not, right??Are you selecting the principal recently??Think about it yourself!“I go straight into it,Said these words without estimation!How is he actually!I kind of care,After all, relying on his relationship to enter the school。If he is investigated,Not sure i won’t be linked。It’s not a big deal to be kicked out of school,But if the student status is deleted!That would be troublesome!Take the road of life!
”Uh,sorry,I didn’t expect so much“
”Corruption and bribery,Don’t look at no one now!When the other big picture is settled,Corruption must be caught first!And the scale will be huge!“Of course I just said a little bit vaguely,Can’t tell him,In a few years’ time,What I’m talking about is just a general speculation of the current situation。China has a history of thousands of years,Cultural heritage。Intricate policy,Their way of being an official,The Way of the High。Not the kind of freedom that a country with only a few hundred years of history says,To be the master!Comparable,China has experienced that long period of darkness!But the light always comes back,Aren’t you walking towards the light step by step now??
“I don’t know what,But for the moment,Take bribes like you,Being grabbed by someone,I think your life is over!You Longjing, a few thousand and one tael!Enough to go to jail!and also,According to what happened to you last time。If someone wants to harm you now,Just do what you like,Because of you,I guess it’s just casual!Don’t blame me for being nosy!Think about it yourself!“I’m ready to go after talking!That’s it,It’s a personal matter to listen or not!I am not a superior!Not a celebrity hermit。Who will listen to me?It’s nothing more than I am in a hurry!
Downstairs,Of course he didn’t follow,It is estimated that you have to consider it,That is his own future。I used the name he told me before,Found the teacher。
Age of twenty-seven,Bright white face,Wear a pair of black rim glasses,Well-dressed,Articulate clearly in lectures。Words and phrases can show that you have a good self-cultivation。But he can tell from his frowning eyebrows that he doesn’t go well,Something troublesome。
I was in the corridor listening to him coming out after the lecture。
“Teacher Zhang,Hello there!I am the student introduced by the dean“At this time, the teacher brings private lessons,Isn’t it a secret,Almost every teacher has seven or eight students,Go to tuition after dinner。
“Ok,Hello there,My name is Zhang Liang。I take you to class,Ok but there is no place in my house。If you are going to class,Or come to school,Or go to your house,Anyway where you solve!“
“Ok,You have one more class,After school,I will take you to my house to recognize a place。I’m waiting for you at the teaching office,You come to the teaching department to find me after school。“
“Ok,can,then you,Which courses are you going to take??“
“General medicine!“

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