“Ok,Where’s my little uncle??“

“Uncle went out to work too!“
“Sister-in-law,Go learn braille,Call you an adult school?“
“Damn,I’ll just go to the hotel to work。“
“That won’t work,You are in your 30s this year,Why do you keep muddled like this?Learn braille,Learn something,My mother goes too。”
“what,Xiaoxi,I want to go too?“
“Ok,Yes,I’ll inquire,I remember there is an elderly university in Wanling,You should also be able to go like this。Go learn some,And arrange some other work for you。“
“Ugh……I think I still forget it“
“Sister-in-law,No matter how you and uncle are,Later divided,Are you still looking for something similar to uncle,Or not as good as my uncle’s marriage?Say again,You think,In the field from now on,In the factory,Or cleaning in the hotel?By the way you sit down,Give me your hand“I suddenly remembered that I wanted to find my pulse。
I carefully check my pulse。This is not right,There is some cold。But it’s not a pulse of infertility。correct,My sister-in-law in the last life was in her forties and messed with others,Once in the palacewaipregnant。palacewaiYou can still get pregnant normally,But He Xiao is not completely unable to have children,Need some conditioning。With the little unclewaiNo pregnancy,I guess the problem is with my uncle!
“Sister-in-law,You are a bit cold,You can get pregnant and have a baby!“
”Xiaoxi, what are you talking about?“
The three colleagues spoke out in unison,Father also walked out of the kitchen。

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