“They hook up the girl here,So Tyrannosaurus treated them as garbage,And Lu Xiong,He was originally included in the exploration plan,But Cao Yongchang firmly opposed him to join,So he can only stay with us。”

The middle-aged man with a nosebleed sat up from the ground,Look at both of his eye sockets are beaten to bruise,Thinking of Ouyang’s words to give him a turning light,I can’t help but laugh。
I didn’t expect this guy to be convinced,This makes me very unfulfilled,I guess there are many people like this in society,Their mouths are dead,But I can’t stand the test,Under the harsh reality, they will show their truth。
Chapter Ninety Five Go back to old business
I can only wait for Su Mei and the others to act,Do not know why,My heart is always up and down,Think they will fail。
The guy we beaten is called Wang Jun,I don’t know what career I do outside,But look at that kid’s face,Haven’t noticed at night,That guy actually has a pair of eyebrows,Probably not a good bird。
But that guy seems to be rich,Wen Ru said that the clothes he wears are all Armani brands。
Of course I don’t care about this,Money is useless in this place,Even if he wants revenge, he can’t,After all, we have three people here,He can’t beat it anyway。
After breakfast,About half an hour later,A large group of foreigners walked in with live ammunition,They opened the iron cage one by one,The people inside also came out。Look at their frustrated faces,I guess it’s not delicious。
We followed the team in the cave,Walked for more than ten minutes,Suddenly there was light in front,There is an exit in front!
The exit is larger than the previous hole protruding from the rock wall,Width can pass large trucks,And there is a simple road in the forest outside,Although the road is cramped,But at any rate it has a scale,I was surprised,It seems that they have spent a lot of effort on entering the island this time。
Someone in the woods left the team one after another,Some of them carry a machete to collect firewood,Some to lay traps,Some carry an axe to log,Some go pick wild vegetables,It seems they are familiar with the road,Seems to have become a veteran。
What makes me strange is,Before they leave,The militants bent over and put something on their ankles,I didn’t see clearly because of the distance,It’s probably something like fetters。
Wenru just walked by my side,He is holding a net bag with a frustrated face,I can’t help but ask:“Do these people have to work after release??”
Wenru nodded:“of course,It’s good if you have a job,Some old men fell ill some time ago,Was thrown into the sea and drowned,So now everyone just hopes to live well,And no other hope。”

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