Dispatch company、Contracting company,These two words look alike,But the former is illegal,While the latter is legal。

And the difference between the two,Is there any staff dispatched to the construction site?。
And why did the other party conceal the news about Otsuga Yuyuki?,I’m afraid it’s not clean,Can’t stand the investigation。
Just tell me about Otsuga Yuxing,What I wanted to hide was exposed,That’s why I refused to say anything。
So Tang Ze directly contacted the headquarters,Ask someone to investigate the construction company of Gota,It’s illegal to dispatch the company to pierce him directly。
In this case,Then I will ask Otsuga Yuxing these things“Branch line”Irrelevant,Only the other party can explain it。
Metropolitan Police Department,trial room。
At this moment, Goda sits on the seat of the interrogation,Takagi and Tangzawa sat opposite and asked。
In the ten minutes after the conversation between the two,Someone called and got news,After obtaining evidence from the workers on the construction site,Confirmed that the construction company of Gota is illegal。
Plus the place where the deceased Otsuga Tomoyuki happened,He died again in the building under the responsibility of Goda Construction Company,The two easily slipped him to the Metropolitan Police Department for questioning。
of course,Not arrest,Just as a reference please come back,After confirming the suspicion, hand it over to the Labor Bureau。
“Then,Let me ask the questions I asked before,Where is your company’s dormitory?”

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