“Hey,Did you just see it?Who was that woman just now!What are you wearing?!Why talk to Yan Haidong!“
“Yes indeed,Yes indeed!“
“It’s the first time I saw Yan Haidong talking to a woman!“
“Just gossip!Who is that girl just now?!Looks pretty“
”Where is it good?,You are blind“
”what~~~~~~Our school grass doesn’t belong to us, right?!“
”You nympho!Never belonged to you!“
“The woman just now is7Class!How can Haidong and7The girls in the class are talking!“
”Hey,Xue Ci,You and Yan Haidong?“
”Me and her nothing!“With the interaction between Yan Haidong and Xiaoxi,In this third year of high school, it’s like a blast!The tense senior year blew up the first wave of flowers at the beginning!School grass!The number one in Wanling High School actually talked to a girl!Still licking the dog!
Xiaoxi didn’t feel anything when he was back in class?
”Pan Ruoxi!Who did you just talk to?”
”Pan Ruoxi!Since you ignore me!“
”Why,Talk to others,I have to ask others to care about you!Fault!What happened to Xiaoxi talking to Yan Haidong??You are jealous?Do you deserve it?Which green onion are you!“

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