I grabbed a wild man by the neck,Raised him aloft,Several other savages,Dare not shoot a beam at me。

Actually I can’t bear to kill them,After all, those words of the tree god had an effect on me,I screamed at them:“Don’t force me to kill you!The tree god confessed,You are my people,To kill you is to kill my relatives!”
The boss probed out from inside and translated loudly,Those savages looked around in a hurry,Blank expression,They started a conversation with each other,Then he dropped the snake spear and bowed to me。
I slowly put the savage underground,Speak loudly to them:“Now Lord Tree God is being held and controlled by the elders,I have to save him,You can not participate in the struggle between me and the elders,But if you and me do it right,It is tantamount to opposing the tree god,When the time comes, Lord Tree God will punish you!”
After those savages bowed down,Pick up the snake spear,Then hurried back to the original road,Big guy is laughing behind me:“Xiao Zhao really has you,There really is a way to do ideological work!”
I walked into the tunnel with the boss,The tunnel is first flat,Then gradually up,Stepped up,The corridor has gradually widened,Later gradually formed a big cave。
The cave is the size of a square,The surrounding cave walls are full of giant tree roots.,There are also thick roots on the top of the cave,It looks like this place is under the sacred tree。
There are four or five entrances around the cave,Don’t know where to lead outside,The boss squinted his eyes for a long time,Then choose one of them:“Right here!follow me!”
Just in the hole,A bunch of savages appeared inside,They are holding snake spears and aiming at us,I will preach to them again,The big guy also quickly translated。
Those savages were terrified at first,Then they kneeled to us and expressed obedience,It seems that the previous preparation work was not done in vain,These savages also have the heart to distinguish right from wrong。
Out of the savage array,We walked for another long day in the winding cave,Finally returned outside,The violent sky light took us a long time to adapt。
Our place is under the sacred tree,The difference is that we are on the back of the sacred tree,Elevator in front,The drilled place is at the root of the giant tree under the tree,That place is formed by the roots of a small natural arch。
Not long after walking outside,Suddenly a large number of people came to the grass!
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Five Escape to the stone tower
This group of people is led by a dozen people in strange costumes,A large group of snake spear savages followed,It seems that the demigod led the team to trouble us。
Looking at those arrogant strange faces,See their weird and bright costumes,Can’t help but think of the tragic death of Huidai!

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