Steady,I didn’t say anything too sure.,I only said that these people have heard these people.,feeling good,Can contact it,If there is a possibility,Check out。

Yu Rui also don’t think too much,Wang traffic can acquire the company,It is definitely what I want to have in this regard.,Understanding the situation is normal。
Learn more,Also do several arrangements,Time is near noon,I have done it.,The rest is to take some time to execute,Temporarily nothing,The king didn’t stay again.,Leaving Yihua。
Just downstairs,He Liang suddenly called the phone:“Total Wang,There are several media sent the company to the company.,I want to conduct an interview with you,Do you want you to accept it??”
Walking around:“Which media are all media??”
He Liang Road:“Beijing Entertainment Letter、Youth,Economic Daily。”
Wang Liu slightly,In addition to the first one he has never heard of it,The rest of the two is a big newspaper,Declaration and influence is good,And can directly cover the country。
He toss this circle,What is to give Hongxing’s name,Take the interview with the door,Don’t whitewire。
“You go back to reply,About time with them,I passed the interview in the past.。”
“it is good,I will communicate with them later.。”He Liang should。
“Is the land certificate taken??”The king will ask。
“Take it down,The land planning license is also applied.,The project team has also been formed.,Currently bidding design plan。”
Wang traffic nodded,Other plan release,Then you can apply for engineering planning licenses,Construction license,And then,You can start working.。
“The progress is not bad,Continue to advance,Is there any situation to inform me?。”
After more than 20 days of overtime plus,Post bar beta,Li Yanhong finally developed an urgent development.,I also invited the king to experience the experience.。
“Total Wang,This is the home page,This is the search box,Like search,Interesting to what is topic,You can find related posts here.。
However, it is only started online test today.,The whole station currently only created a post.,Search features can only be tried again later。”
Li Yan Hong’s explanation with Wang,Laugh at the side:“You can now browse this post.,Or you can create a post yourself.,Experience the function,If you feel, you can tell me if you have any questions.,I then arrange people again.。”
Wang traffic nodded,Look at the screen,Drag the mouse point into the first post,3Bar,Browse,I suddenly,The first post in the original post bar,Yes3Hurry。
I don’t know if it is the past.,Still because of his appearance,The change in this life。
NS402chapter Shenxian fights
“Overall is not bad,However, the layout looks a bit too ancient board.,Can optimize,In addition, there is no search.,Can add a paragraph description,Let people know what it is.。
Classification can also be refractively,It is best to add some guidelines on the home page.,Convenient user choice……”
Finish,I have created a post with myself.,Half-day experience,feeling good,Although there is still no post-Japanese post, so perfect,But it has already been used,Can develop so soon,Already very good。
Recall some experiences when using the passence of the past,The king summed up several suggestions,Said Li Yanhong。
“I remember,Wait, then arrange people improvement。”
Li Yanhong nodded,Also:“These are small problems,How much does it take to improve it?,Post is roughly developed,That’s you……When will we push it on the line??
Yahoo Mail has been pushed out for some time.,Users must have absorbed a lot,And we are here,The farm is online for more than a year.,User enthusiasm has begun to resolve,Others have no fist products,I am afraid it is a bit of a single wood.。
my suggestion is,Push the post as soon as possible,Consolidate users,Even if there is a problem,Can also be improved later,The king always knows??”
Wang Liyu,Longer,The more users who take away from Yahoo.,It’s really arranged as soon as possible.:
“Can,Optimization,You start to arrange it.,I will notify Old Li in advance.,Let him cooperate with you,From both games and social,Gang sticker。”

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