Drove the big ben and wandered around the street,Xia Jian didn’t know where he was going,For a moment he seemed extremely confused。This is how to do?Twenty million!Where to let him get it?

Just when Xia Jian was desperate,His phone rang。I didn’t want to pick it up,But he hesitated to connect。Jin Yimei’s voice came from inside:“President Xia!I just came back from the bank,They only give us three days,Expired,Their attitude is very tough”
“Ok!I know“Xia Jian replied weakly。
Xia Jian stopped the car by the side of the road,He held his head with both hands,He has never been so desperate。He couldn’t help but hate this Xiao Xiao,If not for her,Venture Group will not go to today,And these banks,When you want to fully lend,Almost begging them for a loan,Good now,Roll your eyes and don’t recognize people。
Suddenly,Xia Jian remembered a word Fang Fang said to him earlier,Said that over 30 million of the money taken away by Xiao Xiao was frozen by Interpol,If the money can be recovered,Wouldn’t the difficulties in front of me be over??
Just at this time,The phone rang again,Xia Jian took the phone a little annoyed,When preparing to shut down,I found this call was from Fang Fang,It really means that Cao Cao is here。
“Hey Fangfang!Your call is really timely,I was looking for you?“One call,Xia Jian yelled at the phone happily。
Fang Fang on the phone smiled and said:“is it?If i don’t call you,You can’t remember me forever。Speak!where are you?“
“Come to Xihuyuan!Let’s have a potluck together,I have something to talk to you“Xia Jian said with a smile。He is really embarrassed,I never thought of calling Fang Fang,I have never made even a small chat。
Fang Fang hesitated on the phone and said:“Ok!See you in half an hour“Hung up after speaking。
Xia Jian was overjoyed,Hurriedly drove the car downstairs in Xihuyuan,I found a place to stop,I got off the car and got ready to go upstairs。But at this moment,Suddenly someone slapped him from behind,This shocked Xia Jian。He turned hurriedly,Behind him stood a very beautiful girl。
The girl is wearing a short mini skirt,The two snow-white thighs under the skirt look round and slender。Xia Jian’s eyes moved upward,He couldn’t help shouting:“Lu Wanting?why you?“
“Humph!Is it weird?This is the earth,Not a planet,My appearance can surprise you so much,This shows what?“Lu Wanting said with a cold snort。
Xia Jian has learned from her words,I heard Lu Wanting’s dissatisfaction with him,So he hurriedly smiled:“That was not what I meant,But that you are so beautiful today,Like a fairy descending to the earth“
“Yo!Not seen for many days,You know how to lie to girls!“Lu Wanting said,There was a smile on his face。
“Who lied to my daughter?!“With the voice of a woman,A very sexy woman dressed up came out of a black car。
This woman looks a little old,But the buttons on her chest were deliberately unbuttoned,Reveal a deep white ditch,Seems to announce to everyone,My breasts are very material。
Where does Xia Jian think this woman has met?,I just can’t remember it for a while。When Lu Wanting saw this woman,I couldn’t help but frowned and said:“mom!I have a chat with my friend,Why did you run out?“
Xia Jian suddenly realized,He just remembered,This woman is not someone else,It’s Lu Wanting’s mother Gao Deju。Although he has only seen this woman once,But he has already seen her power。So Xia Jian asked with a smile:“Hello auntie!“

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