“like!”Lin Ao directly:“It’s just a man in the dark city.,It is a child of Jere.!”

“what?亲 混 亲 亲?How do you pull her a piece??”Lin Feng heard a slight shocked,He didn’t think of this, and he also dismissed.,And it is still a child。
“Lin Feng,The current Bo Si’an attracted the masters of the seven continent,Jeremptic sister named Jiehua。”Tang Yinyao laughs:“She is here to teach,Friction and small proud,Time will have an emotion.,It’s just that her family is opposed.!”
“be opposed to?”Lin Feng wrinkled,Is it true if yourself,He will also oppose,Although the surface of the Yeah is very angry,But the two don’t know when you have died.,When you die,Must die one person。
From this way, the Sluding and Chaotic Alliance is a dead enemy.。
She is the sister of the yeah,It is even more symbolic.,And Lin proud is your own brother,It is self-evident,Representing Bozi,More representing Linjia。
“Big brother,sorry。”Lin You looks at Lin Feng’s face。
NS1110chapter Jie Ya
“Mixer,I have played first.,Don’t I dismantle you??”Lin Feng sorrowful,He knows that Lin You is afraid of himself.。
“Big brother,You support me?”Lin Ao heard the surprise。
“Can I oppose??”Lin Feng smiled。
“Hey-hey,Thank you big brother。”Lin Prohn hears a laugh。
“Do not worry,This thing really can do the Lord。”Lin Feng is carrying his hands and looking at Lin Audao:“I want to come, you are so careless.,Against this matter,However, he must give you a problem.。”
“Big brother,Is this still interference??”Lin Ao Wen said no language。
“This is different,People like the yeah,How to give you your sister to you?”Lin Feng smiled and said:“So small proud,You and Jieya have been from,Other time to improve your repair,You are now in the sky.?”
“Almost。”Lin Proh Wen Yan suddenly understood the meaning of my brother.。
“Strengthen,Where are you working now??”Lin Feng heard the words。
“I am now in Qinglong College,Follow the golden brother,University teachers in the college,Teach students。”Lin Ao explained。
“Do well。”Lin Feng took Lin proud shoulders:“I am shocked by the sky,After the impact is successful,Let you give you a drop of phoenix blood,You want to find a law into the environment,Condense!”
“elder brother,Thank you,Thank you!”Lin Proh He said。
“I will send you a soldier at the time.,It is the kind of soldier that integrates into the Yuanzhu.,Little proud,How far can you get on the martialo,Just look at your own。”Lin Feng Jingjing:“But no matter which step,I hope you step by step.!”
“I see,elder brother。”Lin Youwen 言 微 点:“But don’t give this level of the god soldier.。”He naturally knows the preciousness of this kind of god.,Some inheritance of ancient gold forces leaders are eligible to have。
“People have a selfishness,I also have a selfishness.,You are my teten。”Lin Feng looked at Lin Audao:“Remember the big brother,Don’t be anxious when practicing,Don’t have other stresses。”
“elder brother,I see。”Lin Youwen 点 道,In fact, Lin proud pressure is really very big.,The world knows that he is Lin Feng’s brother.,He must be cautious when he started anything.,So what he has changed now。
I am afraid that I have lost my mistake to Lin Feng.,Similarly, he was very hard in practice.,Almost self-harm,This has today’s realm。
“Know。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Jieya things,I will say hello to Yeha.,See what problems he present。”
“elder brother,He won’t take the opportunity to order you?Let you return it.?”Lin Prohnan suddenly changing。
“Will not,He is not that kind of person,If it is a condition for your sister,Come in exchange for my retreat,Then I am a mistake.,He also became a laughter of the seven continent。”Lin Feng shook his head:“In short, you and Jie Shengya continue to interact,Other things don’t work。”
“Uh-huh!”Lin Youwen 点 道。
“All right,Little proud,This is rest assured.。”Sichuan Luo Sakura laughed:“Very eye-catching,Jiehua is good。”
“necessary。”Lin You smiled。
“Do you have a photo?Let me smoke。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“have,have。”The night is cold and laughs.,I took out a mobile phone directly.,There is a picture on the phone,Always is a photo studio。
A photo of a hot blonde girl,Laro’s arms,This girl is delicate,Glamorous,Typical Western Beauty,On the appearance of the appearance is not under the White Sand,Charming。
“good,good,Vision。”Lin Feng looked at this photo:“brother,Vision。”
“Still a special blood。”Night cold laugh:“According to my intelligence,This girl is a bright blood!”
“Bright blood?”Lin Feng heard the confusion。
“Bright blood,The so-called bright blood is also a powerful body,Very powerful for genuine control of bright attributes,Almost not under my physical fitness,I face this physique,My dark night will be restrained,Her brightness is the same。”Night cold explanation。
“it is good,it is good,this is not bad。”Lin Feng’s face revealed a smile:“Bright blood,not bad,Little proud,You have to cheer more,Otherwise it will be abused。”

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