“It’s ok,Single collection,As long as you bring,I like to eat.。”Lin Feng smiled,His belly is called。

“loquacious。”Becai Xueyin is not a good way,I started to feed Lin Feng to eat。
I can’t put Lin Feng.,The smile on the face is like a flower.,Becue, look at Lin Feng, the smile,Dental bite。
Half a hour,Lin Feng finally sat.,Bechang is a swept away。
“so comfortable。”Lin Feng is lying in bed,Suddenly ridiculous idea in my mind,If there is a baby, the beautiful woman is waiting for himself every day.。
“Satisfied?I will hire a babysitter soon to wait for you.。”Becai Xueyin looks at Lin Feng satisfied look,Suddenly, Lin Feng glanced。
“do not,do not,What is the week you take care of you?。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Your face is really thick,I am from you.?”Bei Xueyin smiled。
“Hey-hey,good friend。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I have to trouble a lot.。”
“whats the matter?”Becue is confused。
“I want to put it back in the body’s grain turn.。”Lin Feng originally said that urine,However, after all, it is a bit of a little vulgar to such a big beauty.。
“What grain reincarnation?”Beckham,I haven’t heard it between time.。
“That Beckham,The rice I have just eaten is the grain.,After the human body is digested,That is the bottom of the grain.。”Lin Feng is a little delightful explanation。
Bai Xueyin wedn his words。
“go by yourself。”Bei Xueyin silver teeth:“This ward has a separate bathroom。”Lin Feng’s bathroom is also independent.。
He is one person in this,And there is a furniture in this ward,Tv,Bathroom。
Such a ward is generally a hospital for some money.,Preparing for people。
“This Beckham,My hands are disabled.,My thigh is barely,Just my pants who kick off?”Lin Feng is a bit helpless to watch Bei Xueyin。
NS21chapter never mind
“I call the nurse.。”Bai Xue is suddenly understanding Lin Feng’s meaning,How is this??
“I can’t hold it.。”Lin Fengxia。
“You first wait,Nurse is coming soon,I will go this.。”Bechang fled to leave。
“Depend on,This mother。”Lin Feng went wrong with it.,He is really uncomfortable,Your sister,There are three urgents。
Even if Lin Feng took a million to resolve this bubble,Lin Feng is also willing。
“I rubbed,It’s too fast.。”Lin Feng said a sentence。
Just when Lin Feng said a word.,Bechang’s figure came in。
“Nurse?”Lin Fengnan。
“Went to eat。”Bechang face egg red rush。
“What should I do??Belle,Hurry up。”Lin Feng is eager to look at Becue Road。
“it is good,Let me try。”Bei Xueyin bites his teeth,Her figure came to Lin Feng’s side.,Yin Feng’s body。
Lin Feng slowly underwent bed,Take a step,Searing sweat on the face,thigh,arm,Waist,My grass,Huaxing Society,Laozi’s morning and evening。
Qin Wolf,Laozi even if you have a hundred million, you have to play you.。
Lin Feng almost even came to the toilet,Bechang is awkward,Her face is red。
“Lin Feng,You can’t solve your own?”Bei Xueyin hugs a hopes。
“My big lady,I really can solve it.,I have already solved it early.。”Lin Fengxia:“hurry up,I can’t hold it.。”
“Ok。”Becai Xueyin can only be forced to Lin Feng to explain the belt belt.。
Who let you save me a life??

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