Xiao Wei is obviously not looking for Chen Wei to seek help。

so,North Zhou Emperor Yu,Is the only help object。And according to Zhou Guo’s strategic needs,They should be very willing to use Xiao Yu to do Zhang.,
Do not say,At least this relationship,It’s better to stay in Yucheng slowly.。Don’t say Xiao Wei.,Even Xiao Yu,It’s very clear。
“Greater host,But what is the condition??”
Xiao Yu asked,With his father’s“Noodle dishes”School,Gao Baoyi is notified,I am afraid that Xiao Yu is on the moment.。
How could it be like this now?,I don’t know, I thought it was Gao Bo Yi to let Xiao Yu on the head.。
“actually,He did not mention what conditions。If you really want to say that it is a restriction condition,Just I am alone.。You still have to stay in Yucheng。”
so it is!
Xiao Yu suddenly realized,He finally understood that Gao Biyi wanted to do anything.。
In fact, Gao Baoyi wants to do.,Simple and simple。
Now Xiao Shi in his own hands,Not only do not get resources,It is also impossible to kill the impact is too bad.,This kind of chess,In fact, it is a smelly.。
But it is great to send Xiao Yu to Changan.。
Yu Yu, although Yu Jiangling,but,He sent someone to play down,Let Xiao Yu have been stationless to enter the Jiangling,Still“National owner”,Nature is completely different!
If there is a day,Yu Hao will definitely contradict Xiao Yu。Or,Gao Baoyi is simply to give Yu Yu’s eyes,I will choose to send Xiao Yu to Beides.。
under these circumstances,Go to Changan,In fact, the risk is very,There are many variables,It’s really better not to do。
Think here,Xiao Yu asked:“Father,Still don’t go to Changan.,This,And don’t say that you can defeat Qi,Take back Jingjing。
If Zhou Guard defeated,Also continue to be a captive。next time,Gao Boyi should not be as good as it is today.。”
Xiao Yu said seriously。
He is different from Xiao Yu,Xiao Wei, although Xiao Yu’s son,But he reads more in the next day.,Thinking,I will have no deep understanding of today’s situation.?
In fact, it is now the best thing.,It is the real stay in Yucheng.,Then wait for the high Bole“Amnesty world”when,Want a means,Let Gao Boyi big hands,Give yourself a title。
Then,This life is like this.,Will there be a big change?。
Xiao Yu still wants to say,But see Xiao Yu, not turning his eyes, staring at his king.!
Zhang Shi is the woman of Nanliang Hummer,From small, a beautiful woman,It is now the most beautiful moment in a woman’s life.,Yet yet,First-class body。
Xiao Yu has a bad premonition in the heart。
“You first avoid it first.,I have something to say to my child.。”
Xiao Wei said to Xiao Yu。
In this hall,Xiao Yu is not worried about what the father makes what beasts.。Xiao Yu is not such a person,He is not very good.。
Not don’t say this is the crisis moment.,If you are tossing,Then everything is finished.。
Xiao Yu made a eye on the long history of the lady,Silk exit hall,The aisle is quietly staring at the aisle that is not far from the hall.。
“I don’t know if my father is called.,What is going to do??”
Zhang’s is some fear of saying。
Xiao Yu has never had any bad place to her.,Don’t say it is a handsome feet.,It is to look at her eyes on weekdays.,Never have a desire。
“It is said that,High-quality,Especially women who have been married。
For our whole family, you can get from the city of Kuihai to Changan.,so,Can you sacrifice slightly??”
Xiao Yu said something hard to say。
This is simply shocked.!
She is not a stupid man,How do I not know how Xiao Wei is planning??

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