and so,Raleigh can’t help Leo。

They all see this to each other,Leo may still be far from Raleigh,But Raleigh can’t take Leo。
and,Raleigh’s outbreak is a heavy burden on the body,This burden will be restored soon,But need to stop。
And after a few times,Raleigh knew he couldn’t catch up with Leo,So I just stopped。
“What are you doing?”Raleigh is not chasing,If you can’t catch up, you can’t catch,Did Leo walk the dog?。
“Nothing to do,I just want the famous Hades King Raleigh to know,Leo is not a bully!”
Raleigh held back his anger,It’s fine to be tricked by Leo as a dog for so long,Face Leo’s cynicism,Who can stand it。
Even if he is very old,I can’t hold Leo being so cheap。
“Finished?Leave after talking!”Reilly said coldly。
He can’t help Leo,But Leo’s hard power is still far from him,He is not afraid of Leo。
to be honest,Leo is out of his mentality,There is no way to actually cause him any actual harm。
“do not,Why are you walking so anxiously now?!”Leo came to the side of the tavern with a smile,Keep a distance with Raleigh。
As long as the distance exceeds 30 meters,No matter how Raleigh gets up,He can react。
His best flashing ability is not distance,Not short,But it can be done instantaneously,You don’t even need physical strength,As long as the heart moves,The whole person appeared 800 meters away。
Although it’s not as awesome as a bullet can fly 800 miles in the previous life,But also very powerful。
“What are you going to do,You want to kill me!”Raleigh scolded。
“Tut?At this time, you are still putting on your top?come,Come and fuck me not convinced,I’ll let you do it if you catch me!”

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