Congenital breath now,Zhenshanchu is in the deepest part of the underground palace,Seeing to be at your fingertips,But because of Li Xiucheng,Panmang’s evil fire has nowhere to vent,If Baimei is dead,Zhong Lizong is clearly the biggest gainer,He at least threatened Panmang with the underground palace formation,How can you let this guy succeed。

Pan Mang’s body instantly turned into a thick black smoke,Extremely flexible shuttle in the gap of giant fists that are constantly dumped or hit,Disappear soon,The next moment he appeared near the entrance of the previous hole,The Kunlun Clan has become a bloody corpse,Zhongli is missing from Baimei。
The tremor in the underground palace eased slightly and then became violent again,Pan Mang guessed that this was a sign before a new round of formation was launched.,And there are more powerful methods,Swept away his consciousness,He quickly dived into the moving and deformed temple not far away,Passing the main hall,He can clearly sense Zhongli’s position,Second Hall,Zhong Li is looking at him smilingly in a side room。
Although Pan Mang is alert,But self-sustained force is extremely high,It’s hard to suppress my anger,Shout,“Is Daoist good at stabbing a knife in the back??”
“Each other。”Zhongli is smiling happier,“Taoist friends hold the congenital breath in their arms,I don’t know it will be,It’s inevitable to be a little nervous,How about clarifying the words?”
“Oh?Is interested in this,Why should a fellow Taoist be so suspicious?”
“That couldn’t be better,Our cooperation is simple and direct,Now you and I are the only fellow Taoists,The congenital soil should be half of you and me。”Zhong Lizu frowned suddenly,A hand holding the dying white-browed old Dao in his hand,“what,You better stay still,If Baimei is dead,In this world, only the old can activate the formation,Take out Zhenshanki,Want to be careful。”
Pan Mang stopped angrily,Raise his face,Suddenly laughed again,“Not impossible,There is only one crock pot,Now separate the soil,There are many things wrong。”
“What’s wrong?”
“This thing is very spiritual,If you leave this seemingly ordinary earthen jar,I’m afraid I will lose the ability to rebuild mountains and rivers,Don’t we work hard in vain?”
“This argument,Decay never heard。”Zhong Lizheng shook his head,He is also an outsider,There are no less rumors about the congenital soil,“If you let it go,Doesn’t it make people laugh?”
“What do you say?”Pan Mang Rage。
“exchange,I’m disdainful disciple to leave it to you temporarily,Hand over the nava jar to the old man,What do you think?”
Pan Mang smiled impatiently,“You still claim to be a moral and orthodox fairy family,Actually use his disciple as a bargaining chip,No matter how shameless I am, I can’t do something like you,Was it really special that the dao friends were chosen before?。”
“How can it be a bargaining chip?The old man just wants to save my disciple’s life through the hands of fellow daoists,Didn’t mean anything against him,Change or not,It’s all between the thoughts of fellow Taoists。”
“change!Why not change。”Pan Mang is also very decisive,He spoke and took out the simple earthen jar,“Stand on you as a shameless person,I feel ashamed to be a devil。”
“Throw the earthen jar,Old man。”

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