“Isn’t it still not enough?,This money first borrowed brother,Waiting for your money,Your tuition is full of brothers.,It is certain that the wind is light to let you go to college。”

Wang traffic explanation,Look at Wang Fang and want to open,Directly:“okay,I still have time.,No work is explained more than you.,Don’t tell my parents, don’t tell my parents.,After waiting in a few days, I will double the money.。”
I said that I raised my family.。
“elder brother、elder brother……”Wang Fang was hurried to chase out,The king has already rode a car and went to。
Chapter Four tender
When I arrived at the village,Wang Zhixin has arrived,Wang Flow asked directly:“How about it,How much is it??”
Wang Zhixin:“You also know,My brother just finished marriage,I owe a buttons at home.,The money that can be taken is also a thousand blocks I have under these two years.,This time is all。”
Said that I took the money and handed over,The number of people,A total of more than 10,000,Plus he took it just over 5,000,Margin,He also has a bottom。
“Money is enough,Now hurry up the road。”
“Derive。”Wang Zhixin,Immediately,And the king, a piece of car, rushed to the county。
County Public Resource Trading Center。
Wang Li and Wang Zhixin rushed,I am in listening to the staff.,Successfully found the bidding office。
“Comrade,The land bidding of the newspaper is here to sign up here.?”The king is directly opened to see the mountain。
The office is responsible for the reception.,Some of the body,Face,Torp and look at the nose.、The clothes are all dirty in the clothes.,The instinct has frowning,Lift your hand push the eyeglass:“Is here registering,But you have determined to sign up for bidding?”
“Correct,I read the deadline written on the newspaper is five pm this afternoon.,There is no four points yet,Should also sign up?”The king has some embarrassment。
Card on the site,Clothes dirty is normal,I didn’t take care of it.,Coupled with the injury on your face,With the respect of them,Say to participate in the bidding,Really suspected。
Now,The king has already understood the words very well.,But the big sister is still:“Name is also reportable,But the bidding needs to provide documents and five thousand bid margin……”
“We are a personal bidding,Documents and money。”Wang Flow has rushed to supplement。
Sister, this is not too much.,Simmer:“There,One hundred pieces of bidding documents,Submitted by the guarantee。”
“One hundred pieces?啥 Document is so expensive?”Wang Zhixin is shocked straight,Have a brown,Hurry up。
“no problem,Give you money,I don’t know if I have a copier here.?Just hasty,Did not pay attention to copying documents。”Wang traffic pain,I asked a mouthful。
“some,Give me your ID card.,I will help you copy,This is a file。”Big sister handed over,I took the ID card of the king.。
Wang traffic picks up documents,I started to fill in the ground.。
The bidding documents have been prepared in the county,Content is very detailed,The king only needs to fill in the process.,One page fills down,Stop the pen when the bidding offer。
It is very clear on the newspaper.,The principle of winning the bidding of this tender is the price.,That is to say, he wants to win the bid.,Quotes have to be high than all other bidders。
How many people involved in this bidding king, I don’t know.,But there is a little more clear,The bidding of the past generation is unbearable by Zhao Tianhai.,So he only needs high prices than him.。
As for the price of Zhao Tianhai,He really knows,The county is also publicized after the birthday of the bid.,In order to retaliate Zhao Tianhai, the king of his hair is carefully studied.,The price of his bid is clear,This is also what he participated in this bidding.。
The only hidden danger now,Just don’t know if his rebirth gives a bias?。
Don’t go wrong……Wang flows to pray,Write a quote while again。
Next to Wang Zhixin’s full eye assists,When he was a quote, he also committed it.:“Cream,Do you say how much is this price??The newspaper is high.,The low there is no insurance,If you don’t have a standard,The five thousand deposits of the will not take it again.?This hand is playing enough in the county.……”
Wang Zhixin mutter,Start in the office,A back,I saw the Wang Liu actually put down the pen.,Started to organize the file。
Wang Zhixin:“Finish?How much do you report??”
“If you can’t,Margin,As for the offer……”Wang is glanced at him:“You will know if you have to bid you.。”
When Wang Zhixin suddenly installed a cat in his heart.,Tail,Itch is difficult to resist,Encourage curious:“Also waiting for the bid,You tell me directly that I have to get it.?”

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