but,They also know,Shen Xuan is absolutely impossible to do this.。

At this moment,Shen Xuan turned and looked at Li Hao in front of him.。
“Little Lee,You feel,Can I do it??”
Shen Xuan’s words,Let Li Hao finish a wrinkle。
Can Shen Xuan do,What is the relationship with him??
But now,Since Shen Xuan has asked,So Li Hao does not say anything.,Isn’t it equal to weak??
So I thought here,Li Hao can’t help but smile。
“Can you do it?,What is the relationship with me??”
“but,Look at my professional eyes,How many of you can’t do it?。”
When Li Hao’s words say,For Shen Xuan,The more you look, the more you feel funny.。
As for Shen Xuan,See here,Nodded slightly。
“Daduo,I will understand。”
“otherwise,Let’s gamble.。”
Shen Xuan’s words,Let the audience shocked。
These,what’s going on?
How is the end of the end,Also bet it?
Those people around see this scene,obviously,It is completely not understood.。
Xia Yuezhu saw here,I can’t help but began to worry about it.。
“These,what’s going on?”
“Finish,According to this rhythm,Isn’t it dead??”
When Xia Yuzhu saw it here,obviously,More more, I feel a bit anxious.。
If you know what happens to happen?,So Xia Yuezhu is in any case,Never let Shen Xuan adventure。
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He is Shen Xuan?,A slate god look。
As if,It’s all nothing to take all this at all.。
So treat these,Shen Xuan is not intention。
Even before watching your eyes,Shen Xuan picks up the eyebrows:“Don’t try,How do you know??”
Shen Xuan’s voice falls,Surroundings,I am laughing。
“Ha ha,It’s really not self-strength.,Actually, I said it out.。”
“Who knows this?,In case people really have this strength??”
“Even if you have strength,You can’t do five darts at the same time.,And it is better than Li Shaoshi’s achievements.。”

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