For more convenient life,A large number of gas such as carbon dioxide makes this planet gradually sick。

finally,The so-called world will,That is, the so-called“God”can not watch anymore。
I saw him overlooking the ground from high altitude.,Subsequently shot a golden light,All humans on the planet disappeared。
Land began to recover,The ocean began to re-pregnant life,The sky has also restored the color of the past,Everything is like prescribe the back key,The world began to recover the color of the past。
have to say,After seeing this scene,Night is deeply touched,He also is unable to refute,Because human beings are really doing these things。
But the night is not believed,Waiting for human beings will be destroyed。
After experiencing multiple mistakes,People have realized their own mistakes,And this quantity is more and more。
Instead of confronting a virtual god,Night 哉 more believe in the future of humans!Don’t ask why,Because his night is a human,He loves this world!
“The future of Syx,This is something like this.。Although I don’t understand what you exist.,But there is a thing you must make a mistake.。
Humans are not able to kill the ants,They are fragile,But there is an unlimited possibility。
I am willing to believe this possibility,If you really a so-called god,So let’s use the future to gamble.。
And I gamble you show the future,Never can’t happen!”
Night suddenly opened his eyes,So-called“God’s will”Also disappeared in front of oneself。
This so-called“God’s will”What exists in the end,Night is not known,But he knew that the words of the other party did have full confusion。
I just just,I’m almost turned into it.,Syx will be cheated by the other party,No reason。
In the current knowledge,With this so-called“God’s will”Contactless,On the first vaccination,There is still the current wandering and Syx。
There is no doubt that,They are all powerful dragon-level geeks,Syx’s previous strength Puchong,Wandering Emperor is only a general person。
Now just let it,This so-called“God’s will”,Ability is the desire to expand human heart,And have the strength of increasing humans.。
There will always be a hostile one day.,After all, the position of both parties is different.。
But now it is obvious that it is not concerned.,The problem of the Said snake is now more important,Let’s attack the other party,not onlyZcity,Even other cities will be affected by。
Yuan gas bomb is still constant,But the vitality has been collected.。
Probably because of the energy contained in this world,More than the world’s world,Just collect the vitality of this planet,Night, I got a diameter of only dozens of meters.。
“I thought I need to ask other people.,With a little energy,But now it should be enough, it should be enough.。”
Take a huge emollobe with both hands,Night judge this size of the vitality,It should already have the ability to kill the Saracea。
And when he is ready to have actions,Throw the vitality,The Saidi snake actually changed again.!
Big snake is quite satisfactory at this time,After swallowing the self-righteous woman,His strength has become stronger。
Now, he just wants to wave the long thorn in his hand.,There is a power to segment the surface。
He is now a veritable“Geek”,Unsecured strength cooperates with absolute power。
Before the kid has been flying by himself,This gimmick now seems to be good.,But it is also a morning and evening。
And just like the Saido,Previously appeared in front of the night“God’s will”,Once again。
But with just different,This time he appeared in front of the monsters.。
Be“God”,He is the highest existence,The whole world must follow his will,It is actually rejected by a furhead kid.?
As God, he is also dignified.,I have been looking for someone who is looking for him.,That is not directly fell to the ground?
Originally, I saw that all things in the opponent.,And the ability to talk to,Also want to give each other a chance to discard dark。
But the other party actually does not know good,Then don’t blame him, don’t give the opportunity.。
Since you can’t get it,That will destroy it!Ability to talk to everything,This is already initially involved“God”Great force。
Since the other party is not willing to listen to his instructions,So, in the future, I will run out the second one.“God”,Solve this variable now,Is the right solution。
Human selection,The will of God has,That’s the big snake in front of。
That human strength is good,Want to kill him,Ordinary geeks are estimated to have no hope.,But this is called“Big snake”Geek,It seems quite potential。

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