too fast。

Sudden scene,Let everyone have changed color,Fundamental is no longer rescued。
Summer after the warning,The figure has been flashing,Stepping Taiji nine steps,In place。
Even so,He is also late。
That blood tone spear,Cave wear water shield,Even no stagnation。
Qin night jade eyes,A blank in the mind。
Blood tone spear has touched her heart,Unless God,Otherwise I can’t avoid it.。
Death is so close,So abrupt,Although Qin Ning Yu is unwilling,But no power back。
At this moment, she can’t change anything.,Can only wait for death。
Just like this,suddenly,Flashing a sword with the left side of Qin Night Jade。
This sword is like a shower,Come quickly,Go away,Since the Qin night jade。
Blood tone,Chemical as a grain star point spread,Like a red meteorite overhang,Sprinkle a thorn red light。 call out!
Summer caught,Qin night jade。
A debris, interlaced, longitudinal,Everyone has rushed up from behind.,Wiring Qin Night Yu。
A gaze gaze gaze。
Clouds,More than ten meters,A shadow appears,Visit with everyone。
NS3873chapter Magical
This is a tall man,Behind your iron sword。
The body is covered with wind hunting,Concentrated long hair covers half of the face。
Its appearance is not handsome,But there is a very special feeling。
Long hair,Another half of the face exposes the true performance。
That is a pair of incapacum、Cold、Indifferent scorpion,People don’t dare to look at。
in short,That feeling is:Danger。
The people surrounded by everyone in the central,Face is still pale bloodless,The fear and perseverance in the eyes are overflowing。
Folder is a moment of life and death,It’s until now let her jump.。
“who are you!”
Thousandsurdy immediately opening,Eye,Flourish。

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