“This place is the Buddha’s ban,Please done。”

See Gao Baoyi wants hard,This is a bit obese, I stopped him again.,Some tone is already a bit not good,The face is good for the face before the face。
He is also a long time.,Like Gao Biyi, I dare to come to the big newsletter to find a mixed ball.,Since he served as the Host,Truth is the first!
“Write a leisurely http://www.daogd.cn oriented, etc.?”
Gao Boyi asked。
This is a glimpse,He didn’t expect to have this,Mainly, the daily news of the Daunen Temple is extremely hard.,Be able to enter the pagoda,People who are not guilty,Naturally don’t have this brand being blocked。
As for ordinary people who can’t enter the Buddha,Those people will naturally be thick with faces,How must I write a brand??
“Buddha said,All beings,Why is some people enter the trache?,Some people can’t?”
Gao Bi asked a very sharp question。
“That is not”
Fat’s lives,I have some reason to be poor for a time.。
“The temple is to promote my Buddha compassion.,Are you as promoting like this??”
“The donor misunderstood,Recently Repair,So don’t entertain pilgrims。”
The households wiped the sweat on the head,Looking for an excuse。Scaffolding this kind of http://www.99lebao.cn thing is since ancient times,Most of them are made of bamboo,You said that the repair of the Buddha,There is no scaffolding,Is this lie??
“Be told,You are going to be!”
Living to let the courtyard where the Buddha is located,Let Gao Bo in,I didn’t expect the other party to say slightly.:“Um,Nice pagoda,I will take a look after another.。”
Said to turn around,Leave a stunned troubles and stupid standing in place。
NS594chapter Jewrror
Sounds of the temples behind the temple,Gao Boyi is when someone is happy,Don’t think a shame。At this time, he can’t wait to introduce high songs.!
A small test,Get too much useful information,Really worthless。
Behind the scene, black hand or executive hiding in the big report,This is no need to quo。But there is a problem,Your chance of the fire is rushing to catch people.,Only http://www.wx-rdhb.cn once!
If one is not hit,The other party will turn dark by clear。But the big newspaper Temple is so many people,There are hundreds of people.!If you can’t know the exact hidden location of each other,So,The possibility of caught the other party is really minimal。
Not only that,Gao Biyi also wants to know two things。
The first piece,Big Naval Temple with the behind-the-scenes,Is it the relationship between landlord and a guest?,Still the relationship between partners and even down?
the second one,Behind the scenes, so many places can hide,Biased here,Is there any other purpose??
Gao Bao felt that this other layout is so delicious,How can I sell a big flaw??To know,The big newspaper Temple is under the high of the high ocean!
Is it a person hidden behind?,Want to deliberately misleading??
Trial of Housing held on Daffen Temple,Gao Bo Yi already knows,The management of the Great Naval Temple may be stupid,But I really didn’t betray the sugar,They follow the behind-the-scenes of this matter,Is just the relationship between the landlord and the tenant。
The probability is some identity of the other party.,And the price given is enough,More than the big newspaper, I can’t refuse!
If the temple lives, the black hands behind the scene is guys.,I will definitely die.,Don’t let yourself enter the pagoda。
However, the occupation is only ashamed for a while.,Then explain what he doesn’t know how to do behind the scenes.。But the other party gave enough money,So let the house will be blocked here and not let the leisure hate.!When Gao Baoyi is stunned,Harmust but feels,In fact, it is not a big deal.!
And behind the scenes, this formation is not misleading,Tell the suspect to the inside of the high royal,Gao Bao felt very likely!But there is no evidence.。
“This person hiding in Buddha must think that we will first grasp the younger brother who has been taking the head.,My Gao Bao is biased.!Hey-hey!”
Gao Bao is a big,Let the Zhang Dajing outside the Great Navid Temple can’t help but hit。
Night is deep,The high school is sitting on the dragon chair of the royal study,I can’t sleep at all.。The sinister situation is far more serious than it looks.,Jinyang Xianbei Wars,Gradually end。
They actually have a courage to dry directly!
This force is not necessarily a rope,But if it is used by a wild home,It is not known to change the dynasty.。
It’s time to integrate the ban on the city.,otherwise,Things I am afraid I can’t clean up.。
Pensive,Liu Taozhi, who is inherited, floating。

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