these people,All looked over in surprise。

“boss,You plan to be alone?”
at this time,One of them looked at Ye Xuan,Somewhat curious,Don’t forget to say here。
As the person in front of you finishes,Ye Xuan blinked his eyes twice,Slightly curious。
“Yes,what happened,Is there something wrong?”
in fact,Look at Ye Xuan,These ones,It should be normal。
Don’t understand,Why are these people making such a fuss?
But now,A lot of things to prepare。
Kanto cooking,Xiao Long Bao,Steamed dumplings, etc.。
Not long,Scent,Immediately attracted a lot of people to come here。
“Wow,smell good,boss,Give me a steamed dumpling to try。”
“Yes,There are siu mai here,I want a copy。”
“Bring me two snow vegetable buns,This looks delicious。”
Be the customers around,I didn’t forget to say here。
As for Ye Xuan,But the performance is very indifferent。
Actually all this,Look at Ye Xuan,On the contrary, I didn’t even think。

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