“This is what you don’t understand.,NBAHowever, it has always been a necessary link before the game.,Its importance is not subjured in the middle of the midfield,The girls of the cheerlead are jumped out.,If you have no provocation,What is the meaning of confrontation??”Editing the total length of the smile。

“Yes、Is that right?”
“Is it like this?,In short, we need a science,The latest magazine has also come out,This period of joke bar,Do you have a topic??”
“Recently, there is no news.,We intend to continue the print of Qingdao princess as material。”
“Well,But remember to add a scientific point of view.,Pen,I will write personally.。”Editor’s total decision。
January 29,Hokkaido is still surrounded by wind snow。
A Taichi Chair lying on the Spa Town Rest,Turn between the latest issue of black and white。
Cover is the protagonist of the reservoir and bamboo knife,Two people sitting on both sides http://www.51qhw.cn of a sofa,A strong confrontation point between each other,Light is also given just right,Sense of lens。
Daily paradise,Also take a little godfather atmosphere。
Besides,The position of the two is also very particular。
Originally, I started to sit on the right side.,Bamboo knife forging sitting on the left,But when shooting the cover,Two people exchanged in the instructions of photographers,Changed to the Left。
According to the principle of the drama,People on the left side of the lens,Natural protagonist,It is better than game shackles to go right away from left to right.。
certainly,Bamboo knife forging and science, don’t know the photographer arranged this kind of seat.,Otherwise, bamboo knife forging will be urgent to pull out the words of bamboo knife in his name.。
“This kid,It’s ignited again.,If he http://www.sz-wss.cn lives in that era,Guarantee that he will be killed。”Samerao flipped the interview column of the magazine。
“Not always,If he is really a class of things,It’s okay, he can be like a half-wild teacher.,Play chess,Side of the enemy to play。”
Next to Saito,A lazy young people responded。
Sunshine Valley Ghost Tailang,Holder of the month,It is also the training opponent during this time.。
Saito smile:“How do he play people? I don’t know.,But he is definitely the fastest running road.,After rushing up and provoke the opponent,I can run away in an instant。”
Sun Wind Valley continues to ask:“Can be able to attack the people in the future with such a future,This is perhaps the god of the fate to Saito teacher your gift.。”
“Just 孽缘,Can’t talk about the destiny, such a high-minded thing。”The mouth of Saito is always stunned.。
Continue to flip magazine,Come to the last page,It’s also a joke that I have known every week.
Hell has a rule,Who is on the board because of the mistake,Drake you can’t die.,Dalong’s blood will flood this player,Ordinary training is also considered。
Once God go to hell,I found that blood is only immersed in the leg。God is very strange,Asked:“You are waving so many discs,How to bother and legs?”
Academic Answers:“Because I stand in the great female player,On the shoulders of Qingdao deer!”
After reading a joke,Take a breath of cold:“Ming’s treasure。”
Sunshine Valley Point Advice:“Ming’s treasure。”
“All right,Our live today should also start,Get up。”Saito starts from Taishi Chair,A moment from the casual state into the work state between the casual state,The body is transpired to the heat。
Only chess,In order to see this layer of enthusiasm like him。
These days of training are not only on the chess,He also does not forget to hammer your body.,Guaranteed a righteous and strict schedule,Almost entertainment, etc.。
“He suddenly trained for a seven days.,Just use the fast chess to win me,I assault for a few months,Get down the dragon,It should not be a problem.?”He laughed。
It is said that I have no problem.,It is better to say that it is encouraged by the feat of the public.。
He has already disappeared so slowly.,Just find a talented person to teach yourself to understand the study on chess layout.,But I didn’t expect this talented person to touch him with his own behavior.。
Even if it is dead,As long as you cut,It is also a stabbed。
Sun rise,Sun falls,The city’s light is also alternating day and night。

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