Song family has not passed the capital for a lifetime.,For the first time to the place where I returned to China,Nature is an open eye。

Lin Rong said:
“Let’s go home first.!Rest,Some is time to visit。”
Lin Run with Song family came to the Boardian small courtyard,Although it is a small courtyard,But also three into three out。
For the country people,This is no different from the palace.。
Arrangement,Lin loud look。
Watching the direction of the palace。
The heart of the fragrance is put on the body of the forest.,Easy to change his eyes,Curiosity:
“I will come.。”
Lin rang disappeared in place,Leave only a few remaining shadows。
When he appeared again,Has been in the hometown of the palace in the palace。
Standing in the flower group,Lin looked at the woman sitting in the pavilion。
See your dress,It should be the master of this hometown.!
Really graceful,Extraordinary。
She is whispering with black people at the moment.。
Finally, I started roaring.。
But the control is very good,Will not be alarmed to others。
Lin Xuanxing walks,I heard this woman, I blame the black people did not get the air transport.。
No wonder it has just happened,It turned out to be her.!
The so-called day defense night defense,Home thieves are difficult。
Sudden black man is straight upright。
Lin ring double miniature。
His strength,I didn’t find how this woman did.。
This means,Can really make a secret!
Chapter 215 螂
People after death,The woman appeared to two women,Load the body into the space ring,And sprinkled some spices on the ground,After a moment,I didn’t have the same thing there.。
The woman immediately got up and went smoothly.。
Forecast considering a moment,Also followed it。
Nothing, nothing to get angry, not a simple figure。
The strength should also be a powerful person,But this woman is just a mortal。
This occult。
Or, she will take their own cultivation in the sea.。

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