Wang Youfa said,Took out the phone,Pretending to initiate a message。Song Fang’s face suddenly smiled,She laughed and said:“I’m going to change clothes,Wait for me at the factory gate after get off work“Song Fang finished,Just walk away。

I thought of going out with Song Fang soon,Wang Youfa was extremely excited。Don’t think that Song Fang is a woman who has been divorced twice.。But she is still beautiful,Especially her special temperament of southern women,Wang Youfa was almost fascinated。
It’s hard to get through to half past six,Wang Youfa came to the factory gate enthusiastically,Unexpectedly, Song Fang happened to have a few guards chatting。She changed into a pale yellow dress,Seeing from a distance is both elegant and generous。
Wang Youfa opened the door,said laughingly:“Director Song, please get in the car“Several guards rushed to say hello to Wang Youfa。
Beauties by your side,Wang Youfa’s car naturally drove fast,He didn’t think he had said a few words to Song Fang,Already in Pingdu。After he parked the car,So I took Song Fang to a first-class family。
Two people asked for a box,Wang Youfa generously ordered a lot of dishes,But every dish,He has to ask Song Fang’s preferences,Gentleman。
“Would you like to drink some wine for fun??“After ordering,Wang Youfa smiled and asked Song Fang。
Song Fang hesitated and said:“forget it!Arrived in a whileKTVLet’s drink,Drink not drunk or return,What do you say,I’ll just forget it here!“
“Less,A half catty!“Wang Youfa asked the waiter to take a bottle of Luzhou specials,This wine can be considered a small grade,If you drink this with others,He Wang Youfa can get dozens of dollars a bottle at most。
Good food and wine,Especially with beautiful women,Wang Youfa is so happy。I’ve been mixing out,Beautiful women are naturally indispensable,But since returning to Xiping Village,This good thing never happened to him again。
“Come!I respect you,From today’s matter。I finally see clearly,It turns out that we are on the same team,Finished this wine,We two are tied together,Understand?“Song Fang said,Raise the glass and dry it up。
Wang Youfa lowered his voice and laughed:“Are you saying you have to be tied up even at night?“
“Out of shape“Song Fang cursed,But no anger can be seen from her face,This is the transformation。Wang Youfa is secretly happy,He kept advising Song Fang to drink。
China’s most exquisite wine table culture,Because of this wine,You can say everything you should say or not,It depends on your concentration。

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