She knows her daughter has their own wisdom.,but,Large conspiracy,In front of the absolute strength,It is not too big。

For the present, it has been taken by the Northern Qinqin for the apprentice.,In front of them,She must admit,Also a absolute strength。
Mrs. Sheng’s reminder,Let Sheng Fulin return to God。Sheng Fulin’s eyesight,Recovery,Take out a bottle,Mrs. Lady on the face。
“mother,Daughter knows。I will give you medicine first.。”
Yunqin’s ticket is the third floor.,Three people,Instantly Isolated the outside world or curious,Or taking the weight of the eye。
Three people sit down,Waiting for the tea dessert,I will ask the North Point.。
“Just now,It is what you said and you have a man.?”
He didn’t ask this person because of Yunqin’s father.,Because,In his opinion,One will personally throw away the little guy away,Don’t!Anyway,Yunqin has him!
Yun Qin nod,Zhang Zhangzhu,In the end, it is still the relationship between yourself.,What happened during the family?,The poisonous origin of oneself,And why do you have a brief speaking in the black forest?。
Listen to these,Fenyi is more pity to his own master.,Just wanted to comfort the Yunqin two sentences,I saw a little pity to watch the North of my homes.,Suddenly closed mouth。
There is a teacher in the North,It seems that I am not going to come.‘comfort’Homeowner,She feels,She still goes out to give two people to guard the door.!
Think,Fenyi got up,Go out to go to the door。
Gone‘outsider’,I can’t help but I can’t help it in the North.,One hand raised one hand,Put it on Yunqin’s head,Gently pat。
Tears that Yunqin moved to tears,It’s flash in the eyes.,Get up directly into the North Shi Huai,The pair of hands on the waist of the North Indictive。
“Master~Hoot,Will you think that I am bad?!I know that that person is my father.,But,I just don’t want to recognize。”
“because of him,Mother is dead,I have never born,Just as the woman is seen as a nail,But he never thinks to protect the mother.,Give me even if a trace from the father’s care。”
“I,I really don’t want to recognize him.!and,I have to retaliate him.!Master,you,Will you hate me??”
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS340chapter Master40
Listening to the uneasy tone of little apprentice,The North Shi is more distressed.,Also, I don’t care what I have to have my men and women who have done in Yunqin.,Yunqin,Tap Yunqin’s back comfort。
“will not,Master hurts, you can’t come.,How can you hate you??”
“Such a father,Xiao Qin doesn’t want to recognize,I don’t recognize it.,As a teacher!”
No wonder Xiaobi brother is insufficient from a small sense of safety.,It turned out to have such irresponsible parents!
Thinking of the master of the master,That kind face,And Mrs. Sheng flashed vicious eyes from time to time.,Flash in the North Picture。
Dare to bully the apprentices in the North,It’s a lesson!
It looks extraordinary in the eyes of the outside.,Xianqi fluttering North,Never always have a sympathy?,Have more tolerance。
At this time, the family is still not known.,They are about to face,Not only is from Yunqin‘revenge’,There is also a short-selling Xianjun in the North Sea.‘Xiao Shi Disciplinary’。
Announced auction of the Yunqin’s Seven Flame City,Just because of the relationship between the family,The effect in the plan is basically reached,For auction,Yunqin is not interested.。
A backyard is almost included in the North Sea of the mainland 70% of the treasures.,Naturally, there is nothing interest in these things on the auction.,See Yunqin has nothing to buy.,Not interested。
Three people have to stay in the auction.,Leaving。
night,Northern Horting said nothing, let Yunqin followers a bed。Even if Yunqin tears Wang Wang,North Shi is full of heart,Bite your teeth,No compromise。
Night half three,The whole seven flames caught in the dark,Inert,The clouds are shallowed by the clouds.,Incidental radiative。
The northern poinse of the in the inn,The darkness is in the dark.。
Not light,The North Point directly from the bed,Go to the window,Fly。

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