Youth Volunteers enter the community to send services

Core Tip: At 12 o’clock in the 16th, the 23-year-old Youth Volunteer Shen Ting launched a family anti-scalding and electricity safety knowledge lecture. Xinjiang Net News (Reporter Liang Shufang) At 12 o’clock on the 16th, in the new community resident room in Midong District, the 23-year-old Youth Volunteers Shen Ting launched a family anti-scalding and electricity safety knowledge lecture. After the accidental burns occur, the first time should be a first-aid five steps: rushing, off, bubble, cover, send, can minimize damage.

Shen Ting said that if the part of the burnt scald, it is the first time to rush the cold water, it means that the patient has stopped the further development of burns in the best time, which has a great help for later recovery.

Auntie, winter in winter, hell must pay attention to safety! She said while sending a winter fire propaganda.

This lecture is very practical, and the booklet is very good. Li Huijuan, 63-year-old residents who are looking at the album. On the same day, fire-fighting knowledge of fire extinguishers as a focus on fire-fighting knowledge of the focus on the Salda school in Urumqi.

Youth Volunteer Dong Swei said that in addition to issuing a leaflet, it also specially draws the fire safety publicity poster, which is the use of brush to promote fire safety and improve the safety awareness of children.

Wang Yongqiang, secretary general of the Municipal Youth Volunteer Service Association, said to build a professional volunteer service team, the group municipal party committee and the Youth Volunteer Association in combination with different volunteer service, and 26 teams such as environmental protection, disability, and preaching have been established. As of now, it has been carried out this year. Class volunteer service more than 2000 fields.

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