Xing’an League has made high-end dairy production bases

  The excavator slowly moved the arm, and the transportation vehicle returned to shuttle. The head of the hard hat was worried, and various large machinery made a burst of roar … On August 8th, Inner Mongolia, Xing’an Ili, in the Xing’an League Dairy Co., Ltd. The liquid milk industry "5G Industrial Internet Platform" applied intelligent manufacturing new technology demonstration project construction site, everywhere is a hot scene. "We accelerate the progress of the project under the premise of the epidemic prevention and control, ensure the progress of the project, and ensure that the epidemic prevention and control and project construction ‘two incorrect’.

"The head of the project said that the project will invest 100 million yuan in the first phase, covering an area of ??acres, with a construction area of ??90,000 square meters, planning 8 production lines, mainly used to produce an Anuxi temperature yogurt, gold medal, 250ml standard brick Pure milk products. After the project is put into production, it can be 1500 tons of liquid milk in Nissan, with an annual output value of 1.8 billion yuan, and the annual tax is 20 million yuan, and the local 500 employment is solved.

  In the right front flag Zhongli Mu, the high-quality dairy farming pasture, 32 standardized breeding the cows, the squad, the fertilizer, the bright, the brilliant cows are here "Settlements".

In the bleeds, TMR feeds to shuttle back and forth, and a head of Hostan milk is eating scientific equipped forage, breeding department and feeding department related staff are also in their respective division. Good post-job security work.

  "This year, our ranch milk has a high milk cattle reached 2000, with a daily milk amount of about 65 tons, and the single production can reach 33 kg." Bo Qiang Qianqi Zhongli Mu Men’s high-quality dairy farming demonstration pasture Deputy Focus Motto said that the number of calfs in China, the number of calves reached more than 12,000, and the number of calves in the first half of the year was 1,500, of which the maid reached 53%. Zhu Mu, Wanji Dairy Cow Fine Dreaming, Right to Be Qaqi, Yili Group, Zhongbo Nong Company, is the largest standardized dairy breeding program in the entire region. Based on the breeding, cultivation, ecological circulation, medium profit, cultivation, has formed a green agricultural and animal husbandry industry chain from forage, forage, fresh milk to biotefilling organic transformation to biotequest organic transformation. Top of the Wan Head Ranch, the small and medium-sized pasture is covered.

In recent years, Xing’an League has implemented the revitalization strategy of the dairy industry. Through the investment promotion, project construction, bond struggle, policy support and other means, further activation of milk industry development kinetic energy, and promoted the high quality development of the Allied dairy industry.

In the first half of this year, the total amount of dairy cows reached 120,000, which increased year-on-year, of which Husanan cows were a year-on-year increase. Milk production is 10,000 tons, an increase of 64% year-on-year, and Xing’an League’s dairy has revitalized the "fast lane". Xing’an League is located in the north latitude 46 degree gold milk source, 18.95 million mu of black land, 39.18 million acres of high-quality pasture is the confidence and bottom gas of the Xing’an League’s milk industry. On December 22, 2019, Xing’an League signed a national investment of 30 billion yuan in a strategic cooperation agreement with the Yili Group, and the construction of industrial clusters in Japan and 20,000-headed dairy farming pastures were built. Level organic high-end milk base. In order to optimize the business environment, accelerate the implementation of the dairy industry, Xing’an League has built the project propulsion system of the "League Linkage, Department of Separation, Transverse to Side, Longitudinal Senching, Full", and has strongly guaranteed the project construction progress and fully demonstrates. A good business environment and the Allies of Allies are unwavering, and the "Xing’an Strength" of the high-quality development path of ecological priority and green development is. Xing’an League and Yili Group joined hands to open a new chapter in cooperation and win-win. During the promotion of the project, Xing’an League insisted in planning, deployment in advance, ensuring the overall development of various work, replaced, limited time to achieve a million head ranch, the processing plant started in the same year. For only 4 months, 6 million pastures have the conditions for starting, 4 million pastures start, running out the "Xing’an Speed" of the Wanhe Cattle Ranch and Processing Factory to build a "Xing’an Speed", refreshing the history of dairy development new record.

Not only that, the Xing’an League is also based on the project construction as a starting point, fully accelerates the development of the dairy industry, and actively take the initiative, active as the two levels of the allies, and fully reflects the "Xing’an" of the business business and officer. Focus on cracking from bottlenecks in the pasture, enterprises and other bottlenecks, and Xing’an League rationally use special bond support park infrastructure construction, the national first "government bond investment, enterprises can accompany the cow, facilities take charge purchase, operation The bond usage model of the payment, accumulating fund billion, of which 800 million yuan, financial support fund billion, strive for fund billion, all-legged self-assembly fund billion, explore special bond finance and Financial loans boost the "Xing’an Mode" of the development of the industry. At the same time, Xing’an League has increased the support of the national traditional dairy industry, reflecting "Xing’an Feelings". Since 2018, 233 small and medium-sized milkstocks have been upgraded, focusing on supporting national traditional dairy products such as cheese, milk peel, butter.

At present, there are 43 national traditional dairy products small processing workshops, more than 360 self-produced, and more than 100 tons of fresh milk processing capacity. The annual output value is nearly 300 million yuan.

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