The "three focus" in the Daxinganling Gagdi District promotes party building leading the village revitalization

People’s Network Harbin March 16th, Gagda, Gagdia, Gagda, Gagdia, fully implemented the rural rejuvenation project, focusing on leadership team, grassroots organization construction, industry project development three key points, promoting the development of rural grassroots party construction and rural resolution Co-frequency resonance. Jianqiang rural rescue "lead geese".

The "Two Committees" of the "two committees" in the village of Gagdaki District, with the "two good three strong" as the standard, select the "two committees" team in the Village, and conducted a district-level filing in the Secretary of the New Village Party Organization. Do a good job in the construction of the first secretary, select the business entrepreneurship, responsible for the responsible young cadres to the countryside to grow and experience the growth and experience of the two homes, the first secretary "to achieve full coverage, strict implementation of the" Gagda District Delegation The First Secretary Management Assessment Implementation Rules, strengthen the supervision and management of the first secretary. Increased the education and training of rural party members and cadres, relying on the party schools of the district committee, "cloud night school", teletealism, peasant bookstore and other education, each year, held a member of the "two committees", the first secretary of the village, and the party members Training class, effectively improve the quality of the team from the source, and strengthen the development of rural party building development.

Building a rural village revitalizing "Bridgehead". In Jiagedaki District, the eight administrative villages in the countryside are supported by the eight administrative villages in the two homes around the "grassroots organization construction, local talent construction, beautiful rural construction, grassroots governance system construction, industrial project development" to adopt reports. Speech, village villages, comprehensive evaluation, etc. The majority of rural party members fully exert the grassroots governance "leaders", rural party building "main cardiac" and development to the "first-line" role, and have formed "Party Member Pioneer Service Team", carry out "I am a party member to fight for the front, the field party flag red" "party members , The villagers said that the "10-star civilized household selection" and other activities more than 100 times. Release the rural resolution "new kinetic energy". Jiagedaqi District put continuously developed the rural collective economy, as a key task of rural revitalization, due to the village policy, conscientiously planning to implement the national actual, developing prospects, and the rich village industry, implementing a happy North Medicine planting Industrial projects such as Double Yisheng Agricultural Service Team and Birch Engineering Service Team.

In 2020, 8 administrative villages collective economic accumulation of more than 100,000 yuan, including 5 of 150,000 yuan, accounting for 63%, the highest Ten Northern Village.

Promote the construction of the national entrepreneurial incubation base, currently in the Plus Township and Bihua Township Entrepreneurship Products Direct Sales and other 10 small and micro enterprises in the employee entrepreneurial project incubation base. Subsequently, nine science and technology specialists were selected, and they were deeply in-depth towns to conduct more than 280 people. The soybean field fair was held, attracting 14 provincial scientific research institutes, representatives, and more than 30 soybean plants.

(Su Jingang, Wulin) (Editor: Wang Yan, Li Zhongshou).

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