Wang Du went to Nanjing Hengchang Company to investigate Raotbach spermat

  On October 11th, Wang Du, director of the Changbai Mountain Party Work Committee, director of the management committee, deputy, vice president of Shandong Water Group, accompanied by Li Tao, chairman of Laotbach, and Li Tao, who went to Nanjing Hengchang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Chi Nanu Tibchbach sperm is produced by beer equipment. △ Hengchang Company Chairman Xu Yichun, accompanying the Wang Duxing Secretary to investigate the equipment production workshop last year, Wang Kutu Waiting to Shandong Water Group and Chairman Wang Zhenqin signed a protocol in Chi Nan District, the annual production of 10,000 tons of brewing beer, June this year Construction in Chi Nan started, July Shandong Water Group Laotbach sperbery beer company is entrusted Nanjing Hengchang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Processing and Manufacturing Production Wire, Fermentation, Storage and other equipment, the equipment has completed 80%, expected to November this year Carry-up installation.

Hengchang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Department of Nanjing High-tech Enterprise, Chairman Xu Yichun held a symposium in the company meeting room, in detail, introduced the production line process in detail, and accompanied the equipment production workshop, introduced the core technical equipment of the production line. One-one filling line, bottle cans integrated, solved the problem that the previous equipment needs to rely on imports. Secretary of Wang Boxu’s difficulty of overcoming the epidemic of water group and Hengchang company, and fully promoted equipment processing, and expecting this government and enterprise depth cooperation project to enter the installation and commissioning period as soon as possible.

Cao Shuqing, Secretary of the Chi Nan District Committee, Cui Xiankai, Changbai Mountain Finance, Cui Xiankai, and the Commercial Director of the Business Director.

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