Tom Shaki and his environmental business

  Say Fame, Davos, all the way to Frankfurt. Recalling the report experiences of these days, found that the increasingly severe environmental problems still plague participants participating in the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. It is necessary to green mountains and green hills, but also Jinshan Yinshan, currently in the world’s economic recovery, in many people, this is a "two difficult choices" that is not easy to deal with. The "2017 Global Risk Report" released by the World Economic Forum showed that five environmental risks such as extreme weather, natural disasters, and artificial environmental disasters were first listed in the investigation as a risk of high probability and high influence. "Classifying: walking, don’t take a bus. If each participant chooses walking in Davos, it can reduce 20 tons of carbon emissions …" Similar publicity posters can be seen, call for environmental awareness of the public. However, achieving environmental protection and economic common growth, not only need publicity, but also a common progress in technology, business, and social management.

There are many discussions during the Davos Annual Conference.

Among them, a US entrepreneurial business case left a deep impression. Tom Shaki graduated from the University of Princeton, the University of Princeton, majoring during the university.

This hairdressing, leaving a beard, a leisure American boy talked to his environmental business in Davos.

  "This is my second time I participated in the Davos Annual Meeting." Shake said, while giving me a "chiped" business card – cut the hard paper package, the size is only ordinary business card, single side Print his name and contact information, there is no decoration.

  "In my opinion, the economic interest driver is the most effective way to promote environmental protection." Shake said straight to the local economic value, allowing every individual who participated in the environmental protection industry or the company to harvest direct economic benefits, saved together The slogan such as the earth is more tube.

  15 years ago, Shake, who just came out of the campus, founded a company in New Jersey, USA, dedicated to garbage recycling, cycle, and reuse.

"The world has a large amount of garbage every day, incineration, both waste resources and pollution.

My goal is to recover garbage use as much as possible, not only paper, plastic bottles, and cigarette butt, toothpaste, toothbrush, guitar strings … "he said.

  Shake also said to me that the recycled driving force is derived from the value of recycling, and the net value of recovery depends on the original value, logistics cost and processing cost of the recovery.

The higher the net value, the more willing to invest recycling.

He said: "I designed a new business model, relying on the Internet, adopting B2B, B2C, making approximately 300 kinds of domestic garbage recycling can be mapped.

"In this business model, individuals are garbage collectors, and personal classification recycling garbage can be put into designated locations, such as the collection of shopping malls, can also be sent to the recycling center, and individuals can receive online economic returns. And the shopping mall setting the recycling station can attract more passenger flow. At the same time, the recycled garbage is sent to different processing companies, processed into different materials or products to sell to the downstream enterprises.

  "The core of this business model is to design a complete, win-win value chain and technical solution for recycling for different domestic garbage.

"Shake said," With a complete value program and technical plan, convincing partners, such as ordinary people, material processing enterprises, will be much easier. "He bluntly:" Compared to ‘save the earth’, I am more willing to emphasize to partners, ‘According to the new business model, environmental protection can make money’.

"Today, Shaki’s environmental business has extended from North America to Europe and Asia, and there is an office in Shanghai. He said that China’s market is very large, and the Chinese society has become increasingly demanding environmental protection, which is undoubtedly opportunities.

  It can be seen from the case of Shake’s case, and green mountains is Jinshan Yinshan, but it needs to be excavated by innovation. The wave of the new round of industrial revolution, the emergence and application of new technologies provide conditions for various business model innovations, while business model innovation and technology innovation forms a combined force, which will find more effectiveness between human resolution environmental protection and economic growth. Outline. (Shen Zhonghao) All texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines, etc. Authorization must not be published in any form, play.

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