Strive to build a city of vitality: Neijiang created provincial-level innovative cities

Original title: Strive to build a city: Neijiang created provincial-level innovative urban settlement fruit inner river to create provincial-level innovative urban achievements: 46 small and medium-sized enterprises above provincial-level research and innovations have been established, 369 small and medium-sized enterprises, increase 210% of the general invention patented has a total piece / 10,000, an increase of 119% in 2021, the city’s training technical skills talents reached November 10th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau that the Neijiang created provincial-level innovative urban work is fruitful: Up to now, there are 46 of the provincial-level research and innovations in the city; 369 small and medium-sized enterprises, an increase of 210%; 10,000 people inventions have a total of 10,000 people, an increase of 119%.

Cutting innovation is to grasp development. Since the end of 2019, Neijiang became the first batch of provincial innovative cities in Sichuan Province, continually optimized the scientific and technological innovation layout, enhancing scientific and technological innovation capacity, creating scientific and technological innovation and ecology, promoting innovation system and improved industrial transformation and upgrading, and comprehensively carrying out construction work – In 2020, Neijiang held the "Four Cities Tongchuang" mobilization will, "to fully create provincial-level innovative cities, strive to build a vitality city", and formulate "List of the" Licensing of the provincial-level innovative urban construction work ", clear 9 large sections, 39 specific tasks work content, task objectives, completion time, lead units, responsible units, and form effective work together. In addition, in the city’s innovation frame layout, the innovation element movement can be significantly enhanced, the innovative industrial system accelerates the formation, innovation and entrepreneurial ecological continuous optimization, the eighth party congress of the city puts forward, vigorously implement the innovative driving development strategy, shaping new development Advantages … a series of initiatives, both Neijiang insisted on the implementation of innovation in the global position of the global position, and it is also the first to speed up the construction of innovation and driving development in Chengdu.

It is understood that the Neijiang High-tech Zone realizes the improvement and upgrading, the national ranking has risen in the year; the Neijiang National Agricultural Science and Technology Park built a scientific and technological incubation park demonstration base; Neijiang Economic Development Zone upgraded a national-level technology incubator, and successfully approved the national new industrial Industrial Demonstration Base and Sichuan Academician (Expert) Industrial Park; a number of collaborative development innovation platforms such as "Intelligent Zhizhi" Industrial Technology Research Center. Innovation and development, talent is the key.

Neijiang vigorously implements key talent programs such as high-end talents, youth talents, and innovation of flexible talent mechanisms, and stronger "sweet city" and other brands.

In recent years, Neijiang is not only flexible, but also 7 academician, Tan Sen, etc., but also received 39 masters, and 16 new Skills Masters. In addition, in 2020, 10 chief technicians were selected; in 2021, the city’s training technical skills talented talents. The trend of the times, innovation is never ending. It is reported that the creating cycle of the provincial innovative city is over the end of December 2021. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said, will implement innovation-driven development strategies, continue to focus on creating goals, controlling the list of responsible lists, and creating an indicator system, ensuring that the task is fully completed.

In addition to the "Stained Action" in "Responsibility List" "Indicator System", Neijiang will still be based on the actual, focusing on work, more innovation, multi-exploration, constantly enriching "self-selected action", thus highlighting the characteristics, showing highlights, Accelerate the construction of the development of the main shaft center in the center of the city. ((Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Gao Hongxia) Sharing more people see.

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