Prevent surfaceization, formation, entertainment, let the "three sessions" really play

The 19th National Congress of the Party expressed its clear proposal when describing the construction of the party’s grassroots organization: adhere to the "three sessions" system.

The "three sessions and one lesson" system is of great significance for strengthening the party’s grassroots organization.

However, in the past one period, some grassroots party organizations have also appeared in the implementation of the "three sessions" system. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, this situation has been significantly changed.

However, there are still a few member members to understand the "three sessions and one lesson" system, and there are still few grassroots party organizations to promote the construction of the "three sessions" system.

Under the new situation, how to prevent the "three sessions and one lesson" system surfaceization, formalization, entertainment, and effectively play the important role of the "three sessions and one lesson" system, still the problem that the party’s construction needs to be seriously resolved. The "three sessions and one lesson" system refers to regular convening Party Members, Branch Committee, Party Group, and on time.

As early as 1847, the "Communist Alliance Charter" clearly requires: "Branch, District Committee, and Central Committee at least every two weeks" "Allies have connected at least every three months committees, each Month Contact "

This is the earliest regulation of the conference system of the Communist Party and the reporting system.

In the party constitution of the Communist Party of China, in the party constitution of the party’s two major, the Chinese Communist Party has made regulations on regular party groups and local party members.

At the same time, leading cadres will continue to improve with the advancement of the party’s construction.

Before the Gutian Conference, Comrade Mao Zedong advocated "there is planned to conduct in-party education".

At the Gutian Conference, he summed up 18 methods for holding 18 kinds of party sex education such as "Branch", "Branch Conference".

During Yan’an, Comrade Mao Zedong attaches great importance to the party members’ leading cadres, and he personally participated. The "three sessions" system has played a huge role in long-term revolution, construction and reform practice. However, in the past one period, the "three sessions and one lesson" system also had some problems in the actual implementation. Some people have used "a mouth, a cup of tea, a document for a long time" to describe some grassroots party organizations. a lesson".

The content and form of the "Three Sessions" lack innovation, lack of appeal to party members, leading to the attitude of some party members to participate in the "three sessions and one lesson", so the actual effect is not obvious.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party center of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has worked in strict governance to the party, so that the "three sessions and one lesson" system rejuvenates the student. Comrade Xi Jinping puts forward the political, era, principled, combat, and emphasizes "of the party’s political life, and emphasizes that there is a substantial content in various ways, and can solve the problem." These important discussions have indicated the direction of strengthening the "three sessions and one lesson" system. In particular, the "Some Guidelines on the Party ‘s Political Life in the Party under the New Situation" of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Party 18th CPC Central Committee have been effective after adhering to the "three sessions" system. Play. At present, improve the quality of the "three sessions", let the "three sessions and one lesson" system play a greater performance, the key is to resolutely implement the requirements of "a number of guidelines on the party’s political life within the new situation", so that "three will be one "The class" highlights political learning and education, highlighting party sexual exercise, resolutely prevent surfaceization, formalization, entertainment.

First, we must deeply understand the important role of the "three sessions". The majority of party members should use the "three sessions and one lesson" as an important platform to strengthen party’s sexual exercise, cherish every meeting and every party class, and effectively use the party’s cultivation. Second, "three will be a lesson" must have substantive content. There is no planning, meeting meetings in order to hold a meeting. Only if there is substantial content every time, it can have a targeted solving problem to enhance the attractiveness of party members.

Again, "three will be a lesson" should pay attention to innovation. The times are constantly developing, and the acceptance of party members is also changing.

This requires us to be good at using modern information technology to innovate political learning and education.

It should be pointed out that any innovation is conducive to strengthening political learning and education, which is conducive to party sexual exercise. (Ren Long Xu Lianzong).

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