2021 National Fitness Day Theme Determines the National Fitness and Olympic Walk

It will be boring for the Olympic athletes, adding a color to the National Games, welcoming the content of the Winter Olympics into the "National Fitness Day" activity, and full of "national fitness and Olympic peers" theme.

With the people’s people pay attention to the Olympics, support the enthusiasm of the Olympics, guide them to actively engage in the conscious action of the national fitness, encourage everyone to fit around, every day fitness, scientific fitness. Second, people-oriented. Taking the lives of the people and the health of the people, adhere to the people’s first, life first, and actively actively actively actively, through organizational to carry out the online fitness competition, display, guidance, science and other activities underline, enrich the cultural and sports life of the masses, and strengthen the people’s initiative Participate in the awareness of fitness, promote the health of the masses, and improve the quality of life. Third, the local conditions should be appropriate.

According to the actual situation in the region, combine the recent work situation, adhere to the demand orientation, highlight the local characteristics, and organize a practical manner to organize the activities of nearly life, distinctive, colorful events, and create influential brand event activities. Fourth, ensure safety.

Adhere to the principle of "who is organized, who is responsible". According to the specific requirements of the actual and epidemic prevention and control work in the region, combined with activities, scientific research and exhibition, prevention and control risks and safety risks, ensure safe or orderly activities.

"Notice", before and after August 8, the time, sports administrative department at all levels and national sports social organizations, and social strength can be arranged to organize all kinds of national fitness activities.

2021 National Fitness Day main activities (1) In Beijing and Shaanxi, held the main venue of the National "National Fitness Day" event in Beijing and Shaanxi Province, the Sports General Administration Human Center, the lottery center, Huaao Star Technology Development Co., Ltd. organizes online demonstration activities.

(2) Carry out the Olympic Movement and the Winter Olympic Knowledge Propaganda, popularize Olympic Knowledge and Culture. Combined with the 14th National Games Masses, "I want to go to the Games" event, "running, juvenile" activities and various community sports activities, create a strong viewing, entry and fitness atmosphere. Combined with the actual, online and offline activities, in-depth organizational organizational organizational competitions, show, guidance, science and other activities, to meet the multiculturalism and fitness requirements of the masses. (3) All sports project centers (associations) and related directly-related units should combine project characteristics, play professional advantages, organize, publicize events and activities, popularize project knowledge, promote project culture, and promote the masses to master and improve sports skills, and expand the masses. Basis, further promoting the popularization of sports projects. (Editor: Yang Lei, Zhang Fan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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