Foreign media attention: China-US commemorative flying tiger team came to China against Japanese 80th anniversary (2)

According to reports, this secret work is led by Chen Nard, Chen Nard’s daughter Csinia Chen Nade reads a letter written in the celebration.

When all the roads have been blocked, new roads must be opened.

She read. As Xin Xia Chen Nad, a Honorable Professor of Florida University, I hope that Americans and Chinese will not block the failure of the past, but to open up new cooperation roads for the well-being of the world.

A guest attending the commemorative event said that a US fighter pilot was surprised after the plane crashed, and was treated by an old woman, and the Japanese soldier was tortured, but she refused to hand over the pilot.

The fascist mob cut off all the 10 fingers of the old woman, this guest said, but she is resolutely refused to reveal any information.

Liu Yunping, American Chinese Dredien, praised Zhao Meixin, praised Sino-US relations with historical significance. The father of Zhao Meixin once served in the US military during World War II. She said that China and the United States cooperation anti-fascistism should inspect new cooperation against global warming. As the Flying Tigers in the 80 years, the protection of the world is common responsibility, Zhao Meixin said that only through our cooperation, we can truly respond to the biggest challenge. According to reports, the 90-year-old flying ghosts made from Denver, Colorado, speaking on the line of Colorado, and he wearing a pilot cap with medal.

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