How to judge the front of the car on narrow road turning

When you meet the car on the left, you can see the front at a position of about 30 cm in the left front corner of the hood, which is the position you want to pass by the left tire; when the body is straight, you can observe the distance between the right body from the right body from the right side mirror. At 2 cm away, 60 cm from the right body at this time. Note that the point of view is not applicable to everyone. Each car and each person’s height difference will affect the changes in the reference point. Therefore, if you do not judge the left and right distances in daily driving, you can choose to open the road or community road and then test it. Find the most suitable highlights.

When driving through the narrow road, you need to pay attention: First, when you encounter a narrow lane in front, slow down the speed in advance, pull the distance from the car, and avoid cane with other vehicles. Second, try to set the body straight. If the vehicle enters obliquely, it will undoubtedly increase the chance of the vehicle’s routing, and the width of the vehicle can be reduced.

Third, if you need to turn when you are too narrow, you must ensure that the rear wheels pass through the steering operation. Otherwise, the front wheels will turn immediately as soon as the obstacles are turned, and it is easy to stab at the narrow road.

Fourth, when necessary, the probe observes that when sitting in the car cannot be clearly judged, the easiest way is to explore and observe. It really doesn’t work to take a look at it.

Especially when you meet the car, don’t have a chance.

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