Hangzhou: Pork and poultry eggs are sufficient

  After the second -level response was launched in Gongshu District, Hangzhou, the current supply of more than 40 farmers’ markets in the region was stable, and the reserves and supply of various living materials such as pork, vegetables, rice grains and other types of living materials were sufficient.

  In response to the situation of the epidemic, the Hangzhou Commerce Bureau immediately launched the emergency insurance supply plan, and the city, district, and street three -level linkage. The supplies and reserves of materials are smooth and orderly. Among them, the average daily supply of vegetables is 6,000 tons, the average daily supply of finished grains, 300 tons of consumption oil daily, a daily supply of pork 700 tons, averaged 600 tons of poultry eggs, which can meet the city’s city. need. The city’s major supermarkets and platforms have exerted the advantages of supply chain to ensure that there are sufficient supply and stable prices such as vegetables such as vegetables.

  The business departments of Hangzhou and district -level business have adopted the model of "distribution on demand, fixed -point response, domestic demand and foreign supply, and full -process protection" to provide fresh -reinforcement and control areas. Thousands of fresh packages, and formulating a supply plan for Gongshu District, to connect with the Lianhua Chinese Commercial Group, Hangzhou Yuhang District Agricultural and Sideline Products Logistics Center Park and other units. Waiting for life materials.

  In the next step, the Hangzhou Commerce Bureau will continue to maintain the normalized operation of the Hangzhou epidemic prevention and control emergency insurance supply and control of special classes, and start four major mechanisms including joint insurance, graded supply, multi -point backup, and price level. Ensure that the supply of daily life is smooth and orderly.

At the same time, adhere to the problem orientation, highlight the key points, open up the entire chain blocking point of the epidemic prevention and protection, and do a good job in the preparation of the nationwide unified national key material transportation vehicle traffic permit, and make a good job of making the logistics of the immune -related areas and the confession of people’s biological materials.

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