Lanxin "Run" medicine: Chinese medicine for five years from novice to ability

  Xinhua News Agency, Nanchang, May 3rd. Question: Lan Xin "Run" medicine: Chinese medicine produced, she used for 5 years from novice to a capable Xinhua News Agency reporter Yuan Huijing to click … accompanied by rhythmic knife sounds, like a white feather white Fans were covered with Chen Xiaolan’s workbench. She is a technician of Nancheng Branch of Jianchang Gang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Fuzhou, Jiangxi, and the winner of the National May Day Labor Medal in 2022.

  Chen Xiaolan told reporters that Bai Yan was cut into thin slices in order to better precipitate the effective ingredients to absorb the human body when cooking. The traditional Chinese medicine planning that has won awards in the provincial skills contest for many times can only be entered for only 5 years. Chen Xiaolan is a native of Zhu You Village, Longhu Town, Nancheng County. Before entering the pharmaceutical factory, her only contact memory with Chinese medicinal materials was to go to the village toilet room to help her father catch medicine when she was a child.

  In 2017, Chen Xiaolan was introduced by a friend to work in the pharmaceutical factory.

She is diligent, and she is outgoing. After busy, she likes to go to the next door of the filming workshop.

She saw that the old master looked like cooking, and she made a good idea of ??trying a good dish. Chen Xiaolan found a workshop manager to apply for a post -adjustment application, but the manager felt that her cultural level was not high and she was afraid that it was difficult to compete.

Chen Xiaolan was not discouraged. If he had time to ask the master in addition to his job, he finally got the opportunity after he proposed to the manager several times.

  It is difficult to get started.

It looks simple to speculate, and the pharmacist needs to judge the heat according to the traits of Chinese medicinal materials.

"Cangeion is mixed with grass at the temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. The color will turn yellow in about 40 minutes. The time is short and unchanged. After a long time, it will be zoomed.

"Chen Xiaolan said that he had stirred 100 kilograms of custard ear it.

In order to master this profound traditional skill as soon as possible, Chen Xiaolan worshiped the master Fu Musheng as a teacher. She followed behind the master, staring at him in a blink of an eye. If I couldn’t understand, I would like to ask immediately. I didn’t understand and wrote it back home and then pondered.

  There are several binding notes in Chen Xiaolan’s house, which are booked from different paper. Some are paper on the arithmetic book, and some are printed paper on the pharmaceutical factory. "Sanqi, dispersing blood stasis, bleeding, swelling and pain …" Chen Xiaolan, who was not as good as rotten by good memory, was not as good as rotten.

  Fu Musheng said that it is the most difficult to stir -fry. Let Chen Xiaolan learn to moisturize and cut medicine. So, others went to leisure and entertainment on weekends, but she got into the workshop and repeatedly practiced her hands.

When she encountered Sanfu Tian, ??the workshop was stuffy and hot. She stopped for a few hours, and every time she practiced, she was sweating.

  Gradually, Chen Xiaolan knew that the medicine affected the success or failure of the medicine.

When cutting hard and only betel nut seeds with thumbs, it is necessary to use Zhongsha Run for 7 days and change water three times a day. The knife should be grinded for 1 hour, and the blade should reach 3 inches long … "The best quality on her body is that they are obsessed with things, not afraid of difficulties, and learn to enter …" Zhang Zhenyu, general manager of Jianchang Gang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. In the company’s technical competition in 2018, Chen Xiaolan won a single championship such as "cut medicine" and "frying medicine"; Chen Xiaolan won the first place in Jiangxi Province’s 2020 "Sky Gong Cup" manufacturing competition project.

  Chen Xiaolan often warns herself that as a pharmaceutical, the most important thing is to talk about conscience. In each link of cutting, soaking, frying, and filter, she insists on the spirit of craftsmen and strives to be meticulous.

  It is worth mentioning that Chen Xiaolan’s study is not limited to the practical process, and she is also interested in Chinese medicine culture.

In her notes, the reporter saw the knowledge points such as the development of traditional Chinese medicine. The strokes on the paper represent her "idiot" and "insistence" of this profession. Chen Xiaolan hopes that when the skills are more advanced, they can preach to the confusion like a master and inherit the culture of traditional Chinese medicine.


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