In a sense, one of the most terrifying weapons。

So in order to avoid Ayako waiting and meeting again“education”he,Tang Ze will naturally change the subject now。
After all, Ayako’s preaching really makes Tang Ze a little unbearable,I won’t quarrel with you,Don’t make trouble with you,I just preach to you in a worried tone。
This situation,I can’t get my temper。
Pull the topic down“Egg of Memory”on,Secretary Nishino winked and took it out,Put it on the coffee table in front of everyone。
In the house at the moment,The group wanted to buy yesterday“Egg of Memory”The people from and the others who applied to collect materials and photograph the treasures also gathered in this room。
Although Pu Si Qinglan is gone,But there is one more with long flax hair,Grey eyes,The beauty named Kosaka Natsumi,And behind her stood an old housekeeper。
It was the two Tang Ze met yesterday。
And accompanied by Miss Kosaka Natsumi’s narration,Everyone also knows the other party’s initiative to come to the door。
Kasaka Natsumi’s great-grandfather is called Kiichi,Once worked as a worker in Faberge’s workshop。
Take root there afterwards,Married a local Teddy Bear woman,In the second year of the revolution,The two choose to return to the neon life,After that, her great-grandmother gave birth to a baby girl。
But the good times are not long,Her great-grandmother died,Nine years later,His great grandfather, who was only 45 years old, also passed away。
And the baby girl,It’s Natsumi Kosaka’s grandmother。
Kosaka Natsumi’s parents and grandfather when she was five years old,Died in a car accident,It can be said that she was brought up by her grandmother
And just last month,The old lady also passed away because of being too old。
At that time, Natsumi Kosaka worked as a pastry chef in a cake shop in France,After learning this situation,Hurried back to China for a funeral。
Later, when sorting out my grandmother’s belongings,Kasaka Natsumi accidentally found a picture drawn by her great-grandfather。
Speaking of which,Kosaka Natsumi took out a worn-out piece of paper from her bag,Spread it on the table。
You can see that the paper has turned yellow,Very aging,There is a crack in the middle and it is divided into two。
But you can clearly see the lower left corner of one of the pictures,Line name——“Memories”。

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