Xiaolong was also shocked:”Then you mean there are LTTE people on this island?“

Tattooed male face nodding awe-inspiring:”I have to inform Tyrannosaurus of this situation sooner!It seems that there are other people on this island!“
Xiaolong thought silently,The tattooed man also looked at the dagger and did not speak,Look up at Xiaolong from time to time,Gloomy eyes。
The fire crackled,We lurked in the vegetation holding our breath,Don’t even dare to move。
Suddenly the tattooed man stood up,Take out a pack of cigarettes from the big bag that Xiaolong put down,He threw one to Xiaolong,Xiaolong, you’re welcome,I’ll pick it up,The two began to swallow,After a long time,Tattoo men slowly and authentic:”Xiaolong,Who else is in your family?“
Xiaolong spit out smoke:”Except for my mother,There is a younger sister in college,But I will graduate next year,Brother Jinhai told me,Let my sister work in the company when she graduates。“
Speaking of this, Xiaolong laughed:”My whole family now lives on Geimhae!Ha ha。“
The tattooed man suddenly looked at Xiaolong gloomily:”Since this is the case,Then why are you doing something sorry for him??“
Xiaolong dumbfounded:”Brother Zhou,Where do you start?When did I do something that was sorry for him?You have to make it clear,I’m not slandered by you!“
Tattooed man spit out smoke,Grinned grimly:”Ryuji,You know i just arrived,I can’t know about your eggs!Shao Guo told me these words himself,And Shao Guo said,Nian you took a stab at him,He doesn’t want to do it himself,He asked me to do you!“
I’m terrifying,I didn’t expect Guo Jinhai to do something to his brother!
Su Mei was also shocked,She looked at me,Low channel:”Xiao Zhao,Do you want to help Xiaolong!The doll is actually pretty good,Just follow the wrong person!“
I will show her first,After all, the relationship between Xiaolong and Guo Jinhai is also very special,Maybe he doesn’t want us to interfere!
Su Mei sighed and nodded:”That line,Let’s take a look。“
Xiaolong was trembling with excitement:”This is impossible!Brother Jinhai can never fuck me!I do it all for him!I don’t even want my life for him,How could he want me to die?“
Chapter Sixty Seven Storm is coming
Tattooed man takes a cigarette,Squirt out the smoke ably:“Ryuji,Tell me any last words you have,I try to help you fulfill your wish。”

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